DIY Ornament Advent Christmas Tree

DIY Ornament Advent Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar by Classy Clutter

It’s almost December which means it’s time to countdown to Christmas! Today we’re sharing our take on the traditional Advent calendar! We originally shared this project last year on Tatertots and Jello. For this fun project, you can get the kiddos involved and make it really personal and unique to you and your family. We’ll show you how!


  • Wood Board (size is up to you and your space)
  • Fabric
  • Yarn, ribbon or jute
  • Ornaments
  • Clothespins – You can make the glittered ones like we did by following this tutorial (here).
  • Staple Gun + Staples
  • Tags
  • Christmas Tree (any size!)


Here’s how we did it! First, you want to make your board. We used the same method as our DIY Instagram Board by using a large piece of wood but we covered this one in fabric. We used red canvas fabric that we had on hand. You could even just paint your board if you’d prefer.

Next we used yarn and strung 5 strings across the width of the board. Secure around the back using your staple gun and staples.

Staple Fabric to cover board

Next, you will pick out 25 ornaments. This is the fun part! We decided to do all bulb ornaments to give it a cohesive look and we did them all in gold and white. We found some basic bulb ornaments and embellished them with spray paint, glitter, scrapbook stickers, and even filled some with white pom pom balls for a snowball effect.


Finally, use some tags to write numbers 1-25 on them. These will represent December 1st – December 25th as you countdown to Christmas. (!!!!) Can’t even wait!

DIY Advent Ornament Tree 2

Next, attach one tag to each bulb or ornament and hang them up using glittered clothespins.

DIY Advent Tree Calendar

DIY Advent Ornament Tree 3

Each day you will remove one ornament and put it on the little tree, decorating it one day at a time. When Christmas morning is here, you will have a fully decorated Christmas tree!

DIY Advent Ornament Tree

We love this idea because you can totally get creative and use homemade ornaments and customize your board however you’d like! Isn’t that so fun? Have a wonderful and safe holiday season, friends! xoxomallory-savannah-signature

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