How to decorate a Mantel for Christmas

I feel like as far as Christmas decor goes after the Christmas Tree a Christmas Mantel is next traditional place to decorate for the holidays. I want to give you my opinion on what Christmas mantel decorations are the most important to have. I want to show you how to decorate a mantel for Christmas.

Decorating for the holidays is so much fun but sometimes the decoration don’t turn out exactly how you planned. I want to give you a few tips on how I to decorate a mantel for Christmas. I also want to tell you how I choose my Christmas Mantel decorations.

How to decorate a Mantel for Christmas

Christmas Mantel Decorations

I am so excited to finally show everyone my Christmas mantel this year. I am loving it soooooo much!!

Tip 1- Have a Focal Point

When it comes to Christmas mantel decorations I like to have a “star of the show” that many be candlesticks, a sled, a Santa Claus, a Christmas sign or something like that to be your show stopper pieces or a focal point. For my focal point I found this cute moose from The White Faux Taxidermy They have such amazing stuff  at a great price. I also wanting to do something different for my “Christmas Moose.” With that in mind, I painted his antlers red using Krylon Red Spray Paint then I used my Silhouette Machine to cut out these cute dots with white vinyl. The dots are about an inch and a half.

Tip 2- Start with a Good base

Good Garland is always hard to find and I was lucky enough to get this garland from my mom. I got the lights from an antique store in Gilbert. They are the big bulb white lights and I do love them.

How to decorate a mantel for Christmas


  • A focal piece or item
  • Good Garland
  • Stockings or something to add dimension like florals, or ornaments.
  • Christmas decorations that will add height
  • Something fun to have on the fireplace. This could be a wood logs, A sled or like I have the Santa bag.
  • Christmas lights

 Step 1- Focal Point

When I decorate my mantel I always like to have a focus point and I knew my moose would be the prefect centerpiece. I started to decorate my mantel with the moose first.

Step 2- Good Garland

Good Garland is always hard to find and I was lucky enough to get this garland from my mom. I got the lights from an antique store in Gilbert. They are the big bulb white lights and I do love them. I like to lay out the garland and attach it to the mantel. You may have to use a nail to put it into place. This year was the first time that I hung the garland like this. And I really do love it. This garland is really thick and I nailed 4 nails into the mantel. I hung the garland onto the nails.

Step 3- Stockings or another piece that has more then one… like candles, nutcrackers, or some kind of collection.


The stockings are from Ballard Design. I got them a few years ago. I love the classic shape and style. The lit up joy letters are from Home Goods. I also got the cute nutcracker from there and this year I decided that I am going to start collecting nutcrackers. The sled is also from the antique store.

Christmas Mantel Decorations

Step 4- Something a little out of the box and fun.

A Santa I go the Santa bag from H & M last year. The final touch was the amazing lights! I love these soooo much! Guess what?!?!?! They were only $18 They were from Great American Warehouse I could not be more excited about these. After the holidays are over I want to hang the lights in my kitchen.

Christmas Mantle Decorations

Christmas Mantel Decorations ideas


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