How to declutter your home in just one hour

If you’ve got an hour to spare, it’s time to cut The Clutter! Learn how to declutter your home in just one hour.

How to declutter your home in just one hour

I am a huge advocate of donating, throwing away and consolidating. I do not like to hold onto things I don’t love and it makes me crazy to see piles around my house. Not that I don’t have them, I just don’t like them! 🙂 Here are 5 ways for you to spend the next hour cutting the clutter in your home! Set a timer and spend about 20 minutes on each step.

How to declutter your home

  1. Closets: Take a quick look around the closet and ask yourself “What belongs in this closet?” Really think about how that closet should function in your home. Is it a coat closet? Master Closet? What should be in there? Is it your kid’s closet? Do toys go in there? School papers? What caused it to be cluttered? Pull out EVERYTHING that does not belong in there for its ideal use. Just because you don’t have anywhere else to put it, doesn’t mean it belongs here. Your goal should be to find a “home” for every single item in your house. This is crucial in learning how to declutter your home. Next, grab one garbage bag and go through your closet and grab anything you haven’t worn or used in the last 6 months and donate it! (Except seasonal items, of course!) The same goes for shoes, accessories, books, random products. Throw away any unused items that aren’t in good enough shape for donating Then, grab another garbage bag and fill it with your donations. Put it in your car to donate it next time you’re running errands.
  2. Pantry and Refrigerator: Take 20 minutes and throw out any expired products! Consolidate like items and toss things that have simply been in there too long. I know I have salad dressings in my fridge that we will never eat. I hate to be wasteful but if we are never going to eat it, it is not serving my family in the fridge taking up space. I also have a couple bottles of BBQ sauce that can be combined into one jar. Ketchup too. Wipe down the inside of your fridge and pantry shelves during this process.
  3. Bathrooms: Throw out old or unused products. Toothpaste, empty floss, old makeup, etc. Replace your families toothbrushes every 2-3 months or after someone in your family is sick! Restock toilet paper and bath towels. I always like to finish the bathroom off with wiping down the mirrors. It gives the room a “clean” look even if you haven’t scrubbed the room lately.
  4. Cleaning cabinet: Tidy up the cleaning cabinet by placing all your cleaning supplies together in a bin and keep your cleaning gloves, sponges, and brushes together. Instead of tossing old cleaning spray bottles, add water to them and store them for cleaning water in your emergency storage. Make sure to label them so they are used properly in the future.
  5. Kitchen: Open up your cabinets, donate the items you don’t use. Do you have 2 ice cream scoops? 3 different sets of measuring cups? You don’t need multiples of everything unless you’re a master baker; which I am NOT! 🙂 If you have lids that don’t go to anything, donate or recycle them! I do this in my laundry room every so often too.

Now you know exactly how to declutter your home during kid’s naptimes or on a weekend. Work quickly and efficiently and you will LOVE the results! The timer is your friend. 20 minutes each and I PROMISE you will feel SO good after. If you’re home needs a couple hours (not just one!) set aside 1 hour per week until you start to see and FEEL the results of a decluttered home.

how to declutter your home

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  1. Thanks for the motivation, I had to pull some items out of linen closet for a plumbing fix, and I had meaning to tackle it before. Now, that 1/3 of it is on the floor in my bedroom it is time to go through and purge. I had no idea I had 8 throw rugs in there! I have no idea why! I will take it a little at a time.

  2. Great advice Mallory, I am so into thinking big that I can’t seem to just focus on breaking it down into smaller 1 hour tasks… last week I went gung ho and gathered all kinds of stuff around the house to clean and reorganize… unfortunately all of the stuff is now still smack in the middle of the dining room and I cringe everytime I walk by! I lost my gusto I guess… I’ll have to try to break it down into smaller timely tasks!

  3. Great tips. I’m getting ready to move into a new home soon so I’ve been trying to de-clutter all spaces In my home.

  4. I’ve been putting off cleaning out my closet for a couple of years (or more). Last night after reading this post, I took a couple of boxes to my closet at 11:15 pm and started going through the shoes. I had intended to just go through the shoes but it only took me about 20-25 minutes so I spent the next 40 minutes going through my clothes. I was able to pull out all the clothes that no longer fit, will never fit again, are out of date or that I just don’t wear. In just 1 hour, I had my side of the closet organized and felt so much better. Now to get my husband to do the same thing. I have been putting off this project for so long thinking it would take me at least a full day but I was surprised at how much I got done in just 1 hour. I still need to box up the clothes I pulled out the closet but I am going to do that tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. To get rid of stuff in your closet, hang all your clothes from the opposite side. When you wear an item, hang it up normally. Then when the season is over,
    You’ll be able to tell what clothes you wore and what you didn’t.

  6. once you clutter of course you have to declutter f first which s a great ideas! Getting rid of the unused stuff. Of course we want to re-use items and pass them along to people that can benefit from them. This is just a guide to cleaning out your unused items and making more room, which allows for a more organized life. I would be a borderline hoarder if I let myself be! I have to set a few guidelines for myself to flush things out and move on. Have a great day!

  7. Great Ideas!
    I love the Timer Tip!!!
    This seems like a fun way to motivate kids and get them involved with the
    “de-cluttering” process.

  8. Thank you! I have used my bedroom as a dumping ground for years and enough is enough. I dragged EVERYTING out late last night (in just 1 hour). I will not go through anything until I have my serene space. I thought i had to sort it where it was! It was too overwhelming so i never did it. I put everything that didn’t beling in my space into our spare room, neatly, to go through when i have a clear headspace. It was a lightglobe moment for me and i am well on my way to a decluttered home AND head!

  9. Ok. Love this blog already! But I have to ask…why do you have two sets of washer/dryer? Lol.

  10. We tell our clients the same exact thing! If you haven’t worn an outfit or an article of clothing in more than 6 months then seya later! Someone else would be better off using it! Great article btw!

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