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Fall Decor Ideas To Completely Transform Your Home

The best time of the year has finally come around again! While I appreciate each season for its beauty, there is just something about fall that fills me with excitement. Although I try to hold myself off for as long as I can, decorating for the fall season is one of my favorite ways to transform our home.

Over the years, I have become very partial to certain fall decorations that bring in the festive spirit. Today on the blog, I’ll be chatting all about my favorite fall decor items that will completely transform both the interior and exterior of your home!

Fall Decor Ideas For Your Front Porch

Before we discuss how to bring the fall cheer inside your home, we have to talk about how to make the outside feel just as festive. There is no feeling quite as great as driving home and being greeted by a front porch that just screams fall- I look forward to it every year! 

The More Pumpkins The Better!

While it may seem obvious, pumpkins are the perfect way to create an inviting front porch. The novelty of pumpkins is something everyone can enjoy, it brings back such warm memories.

Stacked Pumpkins As A Front Porch Fall Decor Ideas

I love adding intrigue by selecting pumpkins in all sizes and colors. It truly is the more the better! Stacking, layering on benches, you name it and a pumpkin should sit on top of it. The fun comes in deciding what pumpkin looks best where. It makes for a unique front porch every year. 

The perfect example of a pumpkin-filled porch is @redwhiteanddemin on Instagram. Their front porch is truly one to be jealous of!

Orange Mums For A Warm Touch

I don’t know if there is anything more stunning than orange mums in the fall season. The two just go hand-in-hand! I find that this simple touch adds a huge impact.

Orange Mums As Fall Decor Ideas

The moment I saw @skaufman4050 on Instagram, I knew I had to share their beautiful orange mum porch with you all! It truly is the most stunning fall decor.

As is the case for pumpkins, orange mums can get pricey when buying in large quantities. That being said, I truly recommend investing and taking care of your new plants. They are an easy plant to keep alive, plus the impact they have is incredible.

Halloween Decor That Makes An Impact

Large Spiders As Halloween Decorations

It goes without saying that a huge part of the fall season is Halloween. While I love decorating for any holiday, Halloween is by far my favorite. There is something so fun about having the spookiest house on the block, and I do this by bringing in decor with a big impact.

My favorite find ever is my large black spiders from Home Depot! Not only are they such a unique fall decor item, but they are super affordable. Check out this post for all my other favorite Halloween decoration ideas!

Fall Decor Ideas For Your Home’s Interior

Now that we have the most festive houses in the neighborhood, it’s time to bring that fall coziness inside. I love that I can fall in love with the same space all over again just by bringing in a few fall decor ideas.

Timeless Terracotta Pumpkins 

While I love funky fall decor as much as anyone, there is something timeless that terracotta pumpkins bring to a room. Their rich coloring and fun designs allow for me to embrace everything I love about fall.

Terracota Pumpkins As Interior Fall Decor Ideas

Tip: Terracotta pumpkins can be incredibly pricey, but a simple DIY hack allows for this fall look to be created for much less! All you need are four things: terracotta paint, baking soda, Plaster of Paris, and the plastic pumpkin of your choice.

Start by painting your pumpkin with the terracotta paint. While it’s still wet, sprinkle the baking soda over top and brush it out for a fun texture. Once the pumpkin is dry, mix the Plaster of Paris with water and evenly coat your pumpkin for that sheer white look. 

And that’s it! Such an inexpensive way to bring this fall decor idea into your home. Looking for more details? Check out Remington Avenue’s complete blog post on the DIY!

Layering With Chunky Knit Blankets

The coziness that comes with cool weather cannot be beat. My favorite way to embrace the start of chillier months is to layer chunky knit blankets over furniture. I am a huge fan of bringing in a lot of specific decorations for added impact, and chunky knit blankets are no exception!

Layered Chunky Knit Blankets In The Living Room

I saw the perfect example of this over on Instagram by @itsahouselovestory. They perfectly layered a few blankets for the coziest touch without being over the top.

Black Butterflies For Added Drama

I know I’ve made my love for Halloween decorating clear, but adding that spooky touch outside is not enough! My favorite way to embrace the holiday spirit inside is by adding black butterflies all over our mantle.

Black Butterflies For A Halloween Inspired Mantle

Just like the spiders outside, I love the drama that comes from hanging up a ton of these black butterflies. With just a little bit of museum putty stuck to the back, you’ll have butterflies lasting the entire fall season. 

These butterflies are super cheap on Amazon, and I will mention they sell black bats as well. Although I am partial to the butterflies, bats are a part of the classic Halloween look I love.

Spooky Looking Art Prints

My final favorite fall decor idea is bringing in seasonal prints to your living space. Whether it be fall or Halloween inspired, the seasonal colors make it so easy to get in the spirit.

Here is the link to one of my favorite art print shops! While there are so many great prints out there, I love the Halloween posters they create. It’s the perfect balance of classy and fun.

I hope you love these fall decor ideas as much as I do! If you bring any of these to your own home this season, please let me know in the comments. And to keep up with all thing Classy Clutter, check out these posts:

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