Free Printable Chore Chart

My kids are now old enough to help out around the house. So I made this Free Printable Chore Chart. What I love about this chore chart is that it’s cute and it’s easy for the kids to know exactly what their chores are. Free Printable Chore Chart for Kids

 Are the chores on the chore chart done perfectly?

No… but at least the kids are feeling like I gave them a responsibility and they are checking it off the list. One thing that I have learned from my oldest is it I can’t go back and correct what she did. I just want them to feel like they did an awesome job and then later on I will talk to them about what needs to be done better next time. I also had to show them for a first few times that they started to do the chores. You can’t just think that they know how to do the chores on their chore chart, you have to teach them and show them first.

Can I help my kids with the chores?

Yes! But I do feel like a need to loosen up and realize that she is just learning and I don’t want her to think that I am just picking apart whatever she had just done.

Chores and Responsibilities

The chores and responsibilities are very simple. I wanted them to be easiest enough for all my kids. When I was making the free chore charts I made sure that now of them took to long and that for the most part they could do everything on the chore chart by themselves or at least with little help. I  have come up with this free chore chart that works for us.

Print them

I printed off one for each of them and put it in a clear paper protector and the girls use dry erase markers to check off each chore.


 Since I have one for each of my girls when/if they complete the chores or responsibilities then they earn a reward, either some extra time with mom or dad alone doing whatever they want, some candy, stickers, or whatever I have for a reward that day.

Personalize the Chore Chart

The top of the chart is blank so you can write your child’s name on it.
I love a “mom’s choice” job because I can choose what I need help with that day.
In case you have older kids and these jobs don’t work for you, I have add in a blank chart so you can write in the jobs.
If you need help coming up with jobs for your little one, I have come across some great sites that have age appropriate chores.

Here are a few more awesome Chore Charts

I hope your kids enjoy their chore chart as much as my kids have.
Free Printable Chore Chart

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