Halloween Decoration Ideas: How to Make the BIGGEST Impact For Your Budget!

Do you want your house to be the best on the block? Today we are sharing both indoor and outdoor Halloween decoration ideas!! Here is how you can make the house festive for the holiday!

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Guide for Halloween Decoration Ideas

  1. Start with a mantel.

    Decorating a mantel for the holidays is the easiest piece to start with because it is usually at the centerpiece of a home. We switch out decorations based on the holiday here A LOT and I have tons of ideas for you!

  2. Add small decor pieces around the house.

    Inside the house the decorations don’t have to be anything crazy! Other than the mantel, sprinkle a few small decor pieces like pumpkins around the house to make it feel more like Fall. You can also change out some of the throw pillows!

  3. Go big outside.

    Outside of the house is where you can go big with the decorations. The bigger the better!! If you like to stand out on the block then look for decorations that will make an impact.

Decorating a Mantel

Here are my best Halloween decoration ideas! The first place I decorate for each season is my mantel! This space is in the center of my home so everyone who stops by for a visit gets to see the decor right when they walk in!

Whenever I post a picture of my mantel, I get a ton of questions about the brick! Yes, we re-grouted it a few years back to achieve this look! I have a full tutorial linked here!

This print is so perfect for my mantel! Adding themed prints is a great way to add variation and height!

I’ll Get You My Pretty Print

Shop all of our Halloween themed prints!

The rest of the Halloween decoration ideas I have collected over the years from At Home, The Home Depot, and various places! For example, you can find similar black candlesticks here that would be perfect for a spooky backdrop!

I always get questions about my black frame – it was thrifted a few years back! Anthropologie has a similar one linked here!

How to Have the Spookiest House on the Block!

For the outside of my home, I LOVE to put up these spiders that I grabbed last year from The Home Depot! I wrote up a whole post about them and how I secure them to the house!

I also found some great spiders this year at At Home!

If you’re curious, I put in a nail and wrap the spider legs around them!

I’m all about big decorations that make a huge impact which is why I love this setup so much! The spiders were about $6 each making this an affordable way to have the spookiest house on the block! Not to mention, my kids love them!!

I hope you have an amazing Halloween! I would love to see your Halloween decoration ideas this year! Share them on IG and tag me @classyclutter!

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