Neutral Gender Nursery | Brady and Haley’s Story

Read along for the story behind this neutral gender nursery makeover and how we turned this space into a beautiful room for Brady and Haley.

My sister Haley and Brother in- law Brady live in Houston, Texas and wanted us to create a neutral gender nursery. A few weeks ago Kyle, myself, and my parents when to Texas to meet their brand new baby girl. My mom had already met her and spent some time with her and I was beyond excited to met her. While we were there we planned on creating a beautiful nursery. My sister and brother-in-law at the beginning of the year posted this video.


Then on my other sister Scarlett’s birthday July 29, 2020 their sweet daughter was born. Adoption is an amazing thing. It comes with so many ups and downs and we are so grateful for this sweet baby girl. She has brought so much joy and healing after my sister and brother in law have had so much heartache over the past 5 years of trying to bring children into their family.

They were going to the hospital to meet their brand new baby girl when they got the news that another birth mom had chosen them as adopted parents and they were beyond happy. The birth mom was pregnant with a little boy and due at the end of September.

Planning the Nursery

So with that information we planned a double boy/girl neutral gender nursery. If you know anyone that has gone through the adoption process then you know that until its final you keep things very private. By the time I went to Texas I was able to share about the process of the nursery but I only showed the 1 crib and the girl items on social media. I kept everything private about the little boys stuff. For this reason I have waited on sharing the nursery. We waited for the arrival of this sweet little boy and my sister and her husband prepared for another baby.



Sudden Twist

I was really hoping that I would be sharing this neutral gender nursery with a fun surprise of this little boy. But unfortunately things ended up a bit different. After the little boy was born my sister and my brother in law went to the hospital to meet the little boy and spend some time with him. The next day the birth mother changed her mind and decide to parent and keep the baby. Before I say anything else I want to say, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be in that situation and all of my family is beyond grateful for adoption and for the very very difficult and heartbreaking things that birth moms go through.

When we got the news we were all in shock and totally heartbroken. My sister and brother in law went home empty handed but they have faith and they know that the Lord is on their side. And that the Lord is very much aware of them and he knows of their desires for their family and their children. We have nothing but love for this birth mom and for this baby boy. They will always hold a place in our hearts and we are praying for them and will continue to pray for them.

Then why still share the nursery with the two cribs? and why tell this story?

I asked my sister what she wanted me to do about the neutral gender nursery, and she answered share it just as we planned it. Even though things ended up different than I thought they would does not mean that it did not happen. Adoption is hard. This kind of loss is hard. This journey has so many ups and downs and we are beyond grateful for our little girl and we know that our family will continue to grow. We have to move forward with faith and move forward with the knowledge that we have a loving Heavenly Father that will take care of us.

This is what Haley and Brady wanted to share with you:

We wanted to still share the neutral gender nursery just as it was planned… because sometimes, life doesn’t always go as you plan. That may sound like something you just say when you have nothing else to say, but- there is a special message that you can find in that phrase that can bring peace in the worst of times. You see, life doesn’t always go how you plan, because God is in charge of that and has a plan for all of us that’s unique and individual. If after all you can do has been done, and the outcome you anticipated doesn’t happen the way you thought we can rest in knowing that our outcome we envisioned wasn’t what God had prepared.

Although we are heartbroken and trying to move forward with faith, our hope lies with the testimony that God is real, and He is ultimately in charge. He always has been and we can’t complain with all He has done- that lesson is the hardest lesson to accept in this life. If we can share this story and it reaches someone who is “swallowing a tough pill” and can help them in any way that will be worth it. 5 months ago we posted a 2 minute video. 2.5 months ago our sweet daughter joined our family after 5 years of heartache. Miracles still happen, they really do. Heartache still happens, it really does..  but the joy that comes from the miracles that we can call upon is no match for the unbearable heartaches we can feel. It’s no match because the joy is also unbearable. What a wonderful life.

– Thank you for the love and support Brady and Haley Boren

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