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Colorful Mid Century Glam Living Room Makeover

Hi friends! I am SO excited to FINALLY share my Living Room Makeover reveal with you at the new house. For you new friends out there, I recently moved back to Arizona from New York. My husband attended dental school in Buffalo but we both grew up in Arizona. We are finally back home and renting a home in the Phoenix area.

When we moved into the home, it was a beige and boring blah-fest. I LOVED the window, the high, vaulted ceilings and the fact that it’s about double the size as my last living room so I knew it was workable. Here’s the photo from the listing.

The first job on the agenda was paint. I painted the entire room Behr Swiss Coffee since I’ve used it before and it’s a great white. It’s got a slightly warm undertone but it’s very pretty and warms up the space, even being all white. After paint, decorate! Since I’m renting, I’m slightly restricted on what I can do. If it was my house, I would’ve replaced the windows, changed out the flooring, added casing to the windows and beams on the ceiling BUT I’m not so neutral paint was the only way to go.

Okay guys. Confession time. I have this obsession. It’s kind of out of hand. I’m honestly OB-SESSED with this living room makeover that the (ridiculously talented, hilarious, rock star!) Emily Henderson did for Bri Emery. You know, Bri Emery, THE brilliant blonde behind Design Love Fest.  I mean, this obsession is on another level. I want every. single. item in the room. Since that’s not really an option I knew I would recreate my own version of this colorful, mid-century inspired glam living room that I love so much. There were a few things I wanted to add that Emily didn’t do in Bri’s room and some things in Bri’s room that just weren’t an option for me.

Can we just take a moment?! This room has me all like…

I’ve painted, DIYed, built, dyed, sewn, thrifted, craigslisted all of my heart into my version of this amazing room! Guys, I love it so much. Is that weird to say about my own house? I think the reason I love it so much is because I literally handpicked every single thing in the room to my taste, on my budget and my skill level to make my favorite room I’ve ever done… and that’s saying something! Here she is in all her glory. My Living Room Makeover!!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-22

Colorful Living Room Reveal-2

There are some obvious similarities and lot of differences and that’s what’s awesome about it! The color palette is the same because let’s get real, it’s every single one of my favorite colors jam-packed into one room! Let’s dig in and get to the details.

Here’s the tv side. This wall is crazy tall and wide and the tv stand/dresser thing alone just wasn’t going to be substantial enough for this wall. Remember how it used to be coral? I love the wood tone and white because it really plays more to the mid-century era. I stripped it and refinished the veneer. Yes, that’s veneer on the top and I was able to salvage it after painting it! The white is a Pure White I did with BB Frosch chalk paint powder. I’ll give a full tutorial on that makeover soon.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-3

The art on the left is a watercolor cactus I painted myself! (Yay for learning some watercolor techniques. I can’t get enough you guys. It’s so fun / relaxing!) The copper “home” Arizona is copper vinyl that I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo. I framed them in these wood Darice 12×12 frames I got on Amazon here. I dip-dyed the pink and white pillow and I’ll show you how soon too. I friggin love that pink dyed pillow.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-10

This beauty was a recent find at an antique store! It’s an authentic Native American woven basket from this awesome Antique Plaza here in Mesa, AZ. It was all of the colors I love and I love it in the space.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-4

I built the wood and copper sconces and that tutorial is coming soon too! They’re pretty easy, inexpensive and I love them!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-11

The cute little rattan chair is from Ikea! It’s only $49 and is surprisingly comfortable! The faux fur is from Ikea too and the little plant is from Target.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-13

You may have caught a little sneak peek of this corner on Instagram if you follow us. If not, follow @classyclutter!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-15

The lamp and the sequins pillow are from Amazon here (lamp) and here (gold sequins pillow).

Colorful Living Room Reveal-19

For the art work, I LOVED the black abstract art from West Elm but thought it would be cheaper and more fun to make my own. I got a large white canvas and some black acrylic paint and just did some dry brush swashes to create the look! So easy and so fun!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-14

The rug and the coffee table are some of my favorite elements of the room. The rug is from RugsUSA and it’s the Windsor Damla Overdyed Rug and I am in love with it. I toyed with the idea of the same rug in pink for the space but I really like turquoise and wanted to bring that color in as a main color so the rug was perfect. I think the pink would be a little much for a house of 5 boys (I’m the only girl living here!) so I opted for the pretty turquoise. Don’t worry, I ordered the pink one for my craft room! I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s a great size and the perfect thickness for layering on top of carpet and has held up wonderfully with my rambunctious little boys and with being in a high traffic area. Highly recommend it!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-16

The sofa is from Ikea and is the KIVIK in Isunda Gray. The covers are removeable and even though it says not to wash them, I have (I’m a rebel) and they clean up beautifully to Cheeto fingers! It’s really comfortable too! The yellow pillow is from Ikea, faux fur pillow from Amazon (here) and I made the scallop pillow. Tutorial coming soon because I was OBSESSED with the one Emily found for Bri Emery’s living room and it was no where to be found. Emily got hers in Portland and couldn’t remember where it was from. When you can buy, DIY! That’s my motto anyway!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-17 Colorful Living Room Reveal-18

These fun chairs are from American Furniture Warehouse and were a steal at just over $100 each. I don’t see the grey ones online anymore but you can find them (here) in taupe.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-24

I love this little corner too! It’s such a long wall that it needed something more than an end table on this side of the couch. The chair is vintage that I found in New York. Can we just talk about the detail on the back?! I love it! I added the fur to the seat cover. The mirror is from Home Depot. Ottoman, rug, plant and lion guy from Target. Gold table from HomeGoods.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-26

Black and white throw from Ikea.

Colorful Living Room Reveal-25

Also, Arizona (specifically Mesa) peeps, this iconic Mesa Diving Lady Motel print is from Floating Specks and it just makes me so happy!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-20

I really love how it all came together!

Colorful Living Room Reveal-22

Mallory Bombshell Sig.png

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  1. If ever there were a moment for the heart eyes emoji, this would be it. I love how it’s fun but sophisticated, not *too* girly and liveable. There’s so much seating for guests, but it’s still cozy. Most of all I love that it can be recreated on a budget and done in rentals as well. You did a fantastic job putting your own twist on the original and personally… I like yours better!

  2. Ah! I love it! First of all, this is the first ‘designer room’ I’ve seen with a TV — I thought I was the only one with one of those fangled things! Second, that scalloped pillow has me ready to sew one up! LASTLY — Do you love your IKEA couch? Is it comfy? So many people have recommended the Karlstad to me — but this is the one I have my heart set on. 🙂

  3. WOW my boyfriend and I are making the leap to move in together and it has been a bit of trial and error to match our styles (I’m more mid-century and colour crazy he’s more laidback/industrial) this is perfect! I love how every where you look something catches the eye and shows off your personality without being to busy or over the top! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  4. I love love love everything about the room except for the wall color. I would have used a light gray. Not a yellow undertone color. Everything else is gorgeous.

  5. Just gorgeous! Unbelievable that this was plain, simple, rental home living room! The colors are so vibrant. My absolute favorite is the Arizona touches especially the “diving lady” motel sign. Those of us who have lived in Mesa and have driven up and down Main Street for decades truly are impressed with that particular attention to detail. You have an unbelievable eye! I know what I like when I see it but couldn’t create it if my life depended upon it! Congratulations on a beautiful job with this space! Personally, I love the wall color and am impressed with the bold color choices and contrasting art! love love love…..makes me want to go home and start working on my own space

  6. I so enjoyed seeing each and every detail of this amazing living area. As a person that grew up “mid-century” the décor brings back happy memories of my childhood.

  7. Great room. Thanks for the copper lamp idea. I think I will use it in my bedroom. We are way over our heads into copper in our home dec, but still turn to it again and again. You got a great score on the native American basket. That is so unusual in those colors. Good job. Welcome back to Arizona.

  8. Fantastic job of blending an eclectic palette..
    Great inspiration for me –
    The scalloped pillow is wonderful pop of color
    As a painter I’d love to discuss some collaboration ideas!

  9. Hey do you mind sharing where you got your coffee table from plus what the height is? I have a kivik as well and I’m having the hardest time finding a coffee table that isn’t too tall. Any and all help is appreciated.

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