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Adding A Little Drama to The Hallway

It allll started with this photo from BFF Print Shop! I saw it online and I knew I had to have this print in my home! The colors immediately inspired me to pull from this color palette and add it somewhere in my home.

Enter….the hallway!

This hallways leads to my kids’ bedrooms and a bathroom. It is right off the entry which makes it a high traffic area!

I actually painted this hallway and added these faux wood beams over 2 years ago now! I loved this artwork so much but with the black and white staining complete, I was ready to switch it up!

So, what did this cost?!

It is just crazy how paint can change EVERYTHING in such an affordable way!

TOTAL: $163 (if you bought everything new!)

Wait, you didn’t use a primer?

Nope! I didn’t! And actually, I hardly ever (okay, never!) do. I am obsessed with the Behr Marquee line because it covers everything in one quote! I only used 1/2 gallon of paint for this space! With other brands, I might have used a full gallon or more!

I am a huge fan of Behr, but no, this post is not sponsored! I am just that passionate about the Behr Marquee line!

I have a full post dedicated to all of my best painting tips linked here!

Did you tape around all of the door trim?

Here is the best part – I didn’t have to! I used my handy dandy paint edger that creates a PERFECT edge without having to tape!


So, do you love the color?! I am in love with it and I’m so excited to have a change in this space!

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