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Easy Crafts for Fall

Fall is finally here which means it’s also pumpkin season! Are you looking for easy crafts for Fall? Try these DIY crackled and studded pumpkins for the perfect decoration this year!

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This post is sponsored by DecoArt. All opinions, ideas and photography is my own.

Crackled and Studded Pumpkins

These studded pumpkins make for the best easy crafts for Fall! They turn out looking professionally done and store bought! I love the look of them in my home and they get everyone in the Halloween spirit. Carving pumpkins is fun but they don’t last! These will last you all season and can even be saved for next year too! Put them around your house or on your front porch. Try this DIY project and let me know what you think!

2015-09-29 03.06.14

Crafts for Fall Materials:

Crackled Pumpkins

  1. Get your pumpkin!

    You can either buy fake pumpkins or use real ones but start by painting it the color you want. I used a gold spray paint as my base!

  2. Crackle the pumpkin.

    Use DecoArt Fluid Acrylics to paint your pumpkin over your first layer. I used white to have them match with everything.

  3. Apply with a brush.

    Start applying this paint with a brush! The thicker you make it the bigger the cracks. As you let it dry it will create this cool effect!

  4. Add final touches.

    If you want more of the gold or under color to show, take your fingernail to scratch off some more flakes!

  5. Decorate!

    Once you are happy with the look, set them out as decoration!

Crackle Instructions

2015-09-29 02.59.26

Start with a painted pumpkin. I had these gold pumpkins that I had spray painted gold so I couldn’t wait to try this. You can also use DecoArt Fluid Acrylics to paint your pumpkin. This will be the color of the cracks and flakes after you paint your pumpkin with the crackle paste.

2015-09-29 03.10.15

This is basically magic in a tub. When I opened the little jar it was thick like frosting and I literally said “what!?” out loud. It says paste right on it but for some reason I wasn’t expecting the consistency. I gave it a go and now I wanna crackle everything.

2015-09-29 03.13.36

Using my soft brush (I love this brush so much! I use it for everything. You can get one here.) I painted the entire pumpkin with a thick coat of DecoArt Media Crackle Paste and let it dry. It’s hot here in Arizona so I set it outside (around 90 degrees…at night… yeah…) for about a half hour and it started to dry and crack. The thicker you apply it, the bigger the cracks. Keep in mind that thicker paste = longer dry time but it’s worth it. The big cracks look bomb!

2015-09-29 03.17.50

After it dried thoroughly, I took my fingernail and scraped some of the flakes off to reveal more gold.

2015-09-29 04.06.53

I was loving the look at this point. Check out the texture this Crackling Paste creates!

2015-09-29 04.56.28
2015-09-29 04.59.14

Studded Pumpkin

Need some more crafts for Fall? I decided my Crackle Paste Pumpkin needed a buddy so I decided to make a Studded Pumpkin using nailhead trim to pair it with.

It was so easy! I spray painted it white and then applied the nailhead in the ribs of the pumpkin. Please disregard my need for a new manicure. 🙂 Some of the nailhead may be tough to push in so use a small hammer to tap them into place. It works really well!

2015-09-29 04.30.19
Studded Pumpkins
2015-09-29 04.57.18
2015-09-29 05.01.09

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