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Ikea Large Wall Clock Makeover

Hi again! It’s Bettijo from Paging Supermom. A couple weeks ago I shared my urban farmhouse kitchen makeover here on Classy Clutter, and I’m back today, as promised, to share a tutorial for the large yellow wall clock featured in my kitchen — it’s an Ikea hack, and I know you’re going to love it!


I am betting many of you will want to make your own large wall clock — especially as soon as you see how easy it is — so today I’ll walk you through it. I began with Ikea’s Bravur clock. I really loved the look of schoolhouse clocks, but couldn’t find one large enough for my kitchen. The Bravur clock was the right size at 23-1/4 inches wide, but I was not too keen on the clock’s face, and I wanted it to be yellow.


So I decided to give Ikea’s Bravur clock a makeover. First I took the clock apart by removing the four screws on the back of the rim. I put the parts in a safe place so I’d have them when I was ready to put the clock back together.


Next I pulled off the clock hands — this was the part I was most nervous about because I didn’t know if removing the hands would damage the timepiece, and I really hoped that I wouldn’t end up with a beautiful clock that didn’t actually tell time. After reading this article about replacing clock hands, and with a little encouragement from my Dad, who had actually removed clock hands before, I went to work.

HOW TO REMOVE CLOCK HANDS: First, pull up the black cap at the tip, and you’ll encounter the minute hand. Remove the minute hand by pulling straight up. You’ll need to be firm but take care not to bend it. Next pull off the hour hand and then remove the small washer and metal ring that you’ll find underneath. Put all these pieces somewhere safe as well.


I knew I could fix the color, easy enough, with spray paint. I traced the clock’s metal rim onto scrap paper, and then I cut out a circle to tape into place, covering the clock’s face while I spray painted using Rust-oleum’s Sunburst Yellow.


I wasn’t sure how to go about changing the clock face. After mulling the problem over for a few days, I decided to design and print my own clock face. I printed it as a 20×24-inch enlargement at a local photo print center (like Costco), and then carefully cut it out following the light gray cutting guide on the template.


Of course I’m sharing a free printable template of the clock face. Did you notice the “Tick Tock” message on my clock face? We had so much fun thinking of possible messages that we’ve included a whole bundle for you to choose from. Go download the file to see them all.


Now you’ll need to make a hole at the center of the new face so it can fit over the clock’s workings. Use a ruler to measure side to side and top to bottom, marking the precise center. Then make a hole using a craft knife or screw punch (I just love this handy tool!).


I used double-sided tape to attach the new face. If you look closely in the photo below, you might be able to see that I used four pieces of tape, placed below the 12, above the 6, and beside the 3 and 9.


Then I put the hands back on. Begin with the metal washer, then the hour hand, metal nut, minute hand and finally press back on the black, plastic cap.

Now you’re ready to reassemble the clock — put the glass and rim into place and reattach the four screws. One of the screw plates has the hole for hanging the clock, make sure this one is used for the screw that goes at the top of the clock by the 12.


There is the clock at home in my new kitchen! It’s definitely a focal point in the space, but there are so many things in there that make me so happy. Aren’t those dining chairs cute? They’re the Evie chairs from World Market, and they’re surprisingly comfy too. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to check out my full kitchen tour.

Bettijo's new kitchen table


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  1. I would love to give this a try, but there is no link to the article nor the .pdf for the clock face. Am I missing something? I have a mac, so maybe that’s the problem?

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