Coat Closet to Craft Closet

There once was a Queen who wanted a craft space. She lived in a castle with her handsome King and two little princes. Unfortunately, this castle actually wasn’t a castle at all, but an apartment. This apartment did not have space for a craft space so this Crafty Queen decided to dream up a space of her own. She created a beautiful craft closet to hold all her crafty things and they lived happily ever after!

Baha! That was lame but it’s pretty much the story with this project. I despise(d) my coat closet and one day the bar that held the coats collapsed and created a beautiful disaster in this tiny coat closet. It was meant to be. Since it was in the dead heat of summer, I figured I could box up the coats and use this little area for all my crafting treasures!

Here’s how it started out…

 GAH!! That gives me anxiety just looking at it! Just keepin’ it real folks! 🙂
I measured and bought some MDF boards from Home Depot, along with some 1x4s for the supports. 
I used drywall screws and screwed one 1×4 on each side like this…
 I used my iPod touch level app to make sure it was level
(if you don’t have this app, GET IT! IT’S FREE & it’s the boooomb!)
 My cute little helper hiding in there… 
Then, I simply laid the MDF shelves I had cut right across the top of each support and voila!

Ta-Da! Easy project for extra storage! Aren’t you so proud of me?! I did it ALL by myself!
I took the final pictures before I painted the supports but since my Handsome King works for our apartment complex, I was able to get the paint for the supports for free! Thanks love! 🙂
Now I am organizing and using my Silhouette to label everything then I will show you the real “final project!” I had fun with my power tools! PS this project cost roughly $15. I am so thrilled to have a space to store my craft stuff and a place to try to keep it organized! 
What do you think?! Do you have a craft room? 
I’m jealous if you do! Next summer, I will get mine when we move… Patience Mallory. Patience.  Patience is a virtue after all. right?

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  1. I can’t wait to see how you organize it. The shelves look amazing. I want ones like that in my hallway cupboards.

    I have a craft closet too. It is a huge walk in closet, we just moved and I decided my crafts needed their own space. Unfortunately there are more important boxes to unpack before the craft stuff.

  2. Mal you are the craftiest girl I know. Seriously! You are awesome at this stuff and I love your blogs. Where are you living these days? I would love to get together with you sometime.

  3. Wow the iPod touch level app, how cool! Great idea for a craft closet, thanks!

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