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The Best Kitchen Gadgets for Gifts

This post is sponsored by Walmart Home. As always, all opinions are my own.

Kitchen gadgets are some of my favorite gifts to give! We have all been a tough spot where we need a last minute holiday gift. With shipping delays this year, the timeline is not in our favor! The second best thing to having a gift to unwrap on Christmas morning is the promise of a REALLY good gift that will arrive shortly after. When my gifts haven’t made it on time, I send a a nice card with the item printed out so they can see the gift and build anticipation for the slightly delayed arrival!

Today on the blog, I am putting together a last minute gift guide with some amazing Walmart Home items! Some of them are still available for in-store pick up – so you may be in luck!

I always prefer to give a high quality gift, even if I have to wait for it to arrive, and everything on the list fits that bill!

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets (that make amazing gifts)

  • Air Fryer – My daughter is Gluten Free and Dairy Free which can be a bit tricky to accommodate at times. However, we can throw just about any meat and veggie combination into our Air Fryer to have a delicious, healthy meal in minutes! It is a staple in our house and would make an amazing gift for anyone who has yet to try it!
  • Kuerig – Hot chocolate bar, anyone!? Look at how darling these colors are!
  • Slow Cooker – If you haven’t replaced your slow cooker in several years, you’ll be blown away by how much better the new ones are. Do yourself a favor and upgrade yours as soon as you can!
  • Mugs – I love these mugs to supplement a smaller gift I’m giving. My favorite combination is a gift card tucked into a cute mug!
  • Electric Grill – This is perfect for newlyweds! I have a pair of newlyweds in my family who will be unwrapping these in just a few days!
  • Pocket Sandwich Maker – You will get more use out of this than you could ever imagine. Hot sandwiches are a favorite around here.
  • Skillet – Christmas morning breakfast is that much easer with a skillet. We have one built into our kitchen now, but for several years, this was our go-to!
  • Popcorn Maker – This is fun for the whole family! Movie nights over school break is only complete with hot cocoa and popcorn!

I know gift giving can be a bit stressful, but just know that anything you give will be so appreciated by the recipient just because you thought about them! You can’t go wrong with a useful, practical gift – and these items from Walmart Home are just that!

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