Teen Gift Guide for 2020!

Teens and tweens can be notoriously hard to shop for, but luckily, I have two at home and I’m so excited to share their favorite gifts (and a few that are on their wishlist!) with you!

Amazon Echo Dot

If you have a budding music lover – this is for you! I love giving my kids the freedom to play a little music in their room while they are getting ready for the day. Having a bluetooth speaker is a great way to give them budding independence and this is a great one!

Amazon Echo Show

This is what wakes up my girls every single morning!

The Amazon show is such a game changer for me! I can video my girls in their room and check in on them, call them for dinner, etc! I loved being able to peek in during their online school day to make sure they were on task or just to check in.

It has amazing parental controls as well which always gives me piece of mind!

Red Aspen Nails

Who doesn’t love an at-home manicure?

I have been wearing these NON STOP and I can vouch for the quality and longevity of these nails. Each set comes with 30 nails and I’ve gotten each manicure to last 1-2 weeks.

Whether you grab one to add to her stocking or a 5+ colors to make a great gift, your teen is going to be obsessed!

Apple Airpods

I think this is one of my most used gifts ever! Earlier this year, I upgraded to the new Pro version and they are so much more comfy! The fit on the Pro version is amazing! It’s worth upgrading – in my opinion!

Gabb Cell Phones

My girls have these love them! I love that I can get in touch with them but that they are using a device that is safe and easy to monitor!

CODE: CLASSYCLUTTER10 for a discount!

Vinyl Stickers

My girls are obsessed and these stickers are on everything!


Bracelet Making Kits

Quarantine turned my girls into bracelet lovers! They have so much fun making their own with these kits. I love that this is an off-screen activity so I’m all about it!


Shower Speaker

For my girls – this is a must! I love how effective it is! I actually got one for myself for podcasts and audio books!

Electric Razor

If you have a new shaver, definitely consider this as a gift! Both of my girls use this and have had a great. safe experience.

Electric Face Brush

Getting into a skin care routine can be difficult for teens which is why I love this face brush to make sure they are getting all of the dirt and makeup off from the day. This brush comes with a sensitive brush head – perfect for teeens!

Pink Electric Toothbrush

As my kids get older, it gets harder to make sure they are brushing as well as they should! This is a great, high-quality toothbrush and the pink color really went over well with my girls! More colors are available!

Unique Hair Clips

This is so 2020 – but what an amazing deal from Amazon! These are sooo darling!

Poloroid Camera

These are sooo fun for both teens and adults! My girls post their pictures in their room and it is a fun alternative to digital photos. This will be a hit for sure!!

Twinkle Lights!

Room makeovers are one of my FAVORITE gifts and if you have a tween or teen, I bet hanging lights are a part of their room decor plans – trust me!

White Hanging Chair

How cute is this white hanging chair from Amazon?! We used this in a recent teen room makeover and this chair in the corner added a new detail that is so fun and young!

Any of these gifts will make the teen and your teen’s holiday! My favorite thing is to group smaller items together to give them lots to open.

Anything I’m missing? My girls are putting the final details on their lists for this year which means I will update this as they give me more ideas!

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