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Permanent Outdoor Christmas Lighting! | AZ Trim Light Review

Once September hits, I’m ready for fall and all things HOLIDAYS! This time of year feels like my decorating Superbowl. Halloween is right around the corner and before you know it, it will be time to break out our trees, wreaths, and outdoor Christmas lighting!

You can see last year’s setup right here!

Every year, Kyle and I get out the ladder and manually hang our outdoor Christmas lighting for the season. Then, on December 26th, we have the dreaded task of taking all of the lights down and putting them back into storage. Not this year because we officially have custom permanent exterior lighting!

AZ Trim Light came out to our house last week to install our permanent lighting system that is invisible during the day, but creates a for custom lighting effect at night! We can control every single setting right from our phone. This is going to be such a game changer for us – not just for the holidays – but all year round for game days, birthdays, holidays, or any time we are entertaining.

How AZ Trim Light Works for Outdoor Christmas Lighting

AZ Trim Light came out and handled literally everything! They installed the lighting throughout our yard and we connected the lights to our personal router which they showed us how to do. Now, we can control everything right from the app. It has a calendar and timer function that makes programming super simple.

Can you change the colors?

Yes! These lights are completely customizable and programmable. We can set the color, duration, time, and effects right from our phones. We have been having fun playing around with the 180+ custom presets and of course, making our own sequences. I love that the soft white lights are subtle enough for daily use if we want them on. It really elevates the entire exterior.

You can even set a sequence or pattern if you really want to be fancy!

How long do they last?

The lights are designed to last for decades! They are extremely energy efficient so your investment will last a very long time. They lights are rated for 50,000 hours which is up to 40 years.

AZ Trim Light is the only company we found that offers a lifetime warranty.

Are the outdoor lights affected by the AZ heat?

The lights are completely water and weather proof. Yes, even in the AZ heat!

Can you see them during the day?

They are basically invisible during the day which I love! It does not look like you left your Christmas lights up all year round haha! They blend right into the roof line and are barely noticeable.

Kyle and I are so happy to not have to deal with hanging Christmas lights ever again! No more untangling lights, replacing bulbs, running electricity – this is so much safer for everyone!

Not only that, but we get to enjoy our lights all year round for so many different occasions – not just outdoor Christmas lighting. I know my kids are going to have so much fun programming the lights.

You can reach out to AZ Trim Light and they will give you a free quote!

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