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  • Chandeliers Under $200 | Classy Clutter Picks

    Emliviar Modern Farmhouse Dining Room Chandelier $160 Natural Material Construction Pendant Light – $120 Sputnik Chandelier – $105 Mid Century Chandelier – $109 Classic Chandelier – $97 Beaded Chandelier – $199 Industrial Light – $160 Gold Chandelier – $150 Transitional Chandlier – $130 Modern Industrial – $159 Rattan Ceiling Pendant – $113…

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  • Mallory’s Classic Colonial: Living Room Reveal

    This little living room has quickly become one of my favorite spaces to lounge in. I can see a full view of most of the house and I love the sunshine pouring in from the new window. Quick backstory: We bought the house in March 2019 and on day one, removed the wall separating the kitchen and dining room which resulted in removing the double ovens in that wall. We turned the remaining kitchen into a more updated, livable space for our family until we had the wild idea to relocate the kitchen altogether to another area of the home. This worked fine for a few months until we moved the kitchen but then it left us with two kitchens so we had to remove the old one, for obvious reasons. haha! We fixed the plumbing and electrical but were left with a window that was too small for the space since it no longer had a sink beneath it. My plans of turning that window into doors went out the window (pun intended) when we opened the wall to…

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  • How to Paint a Room

    Learning how to paint a room is one of the most simple ways to transform a space! I have been doing lots of painting and I am always looking to improve my painting skills for painting both my home (walls, trim, cabinets, etc) and tips for painting furniture! I have been gathering some tips here and there so I thought I’d share those with you! Painting a room is the quickest, easiest way to transform any space. Whether you choose to rock what you’ve got, paint the entire room yourself or hire a painter, paint will undoubtably change everything. That being said, choosing exactly what to paint, and what color to paint it, can be overwhelming, especially if you’re hiring help. Before we get started, here are a few other posts we have done about painting! Spray Painting FAQs How to Chalk Paint Furniture How to Paint a Front Door How to Paint Floor Tile Here are the steps to painting a room: Our Favorite Tools for Painting a Room SMALL SPRAYER | INDUSTRIAL SPRAYER We have two different paint…

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  • How to Clean Hardwood Floors

    Learning how to clean your hardwood floors doesn’t have to be intimidating! I remember when my floors were first installed….I was actually really nervous to clean them for the first time! I had bought all of the materials and remember looking over the bottles a million times making sure the items I had on hand were safe for my floors! Before we get started, if you want to see our kitchen reveals with our favorite engineered hardwoods, we have linked our epic kitchen reveals! Savannah’s Modern Ranch Kitchen Renovation Mallory’s Classic Colonial Kitchen Renovation My Daily Hardwood Floor Routine Typically after each meal, I’m busting out this vacuum to get the crumbs off of my floor. I have been obsessed with vacuum for a few months now. It works PERFECTLY on my hardwoods. It actually sucks up the debris without spitting it back out and hitting your feet. Isn’t that the WORST?! If anything get stuck to the floor, I use a microfiber cloth or paper towel to gently remove it with water. How often to clean your hardwood floors?…

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  • Should You Learn How to Install Hardwood Floor?

    If you’ve been around for more than 5 minutes, you know that we are OBSESSED with all things DIY. Learning how to install hardwood floor has been a project that we actually haven’t tackled before, and we want to share everything we are learning about this process! Before we get started, if you want to see our kitchen reveals with our favorite engineered hardwoods, we have linked our epic kitchen reveals! Savannah’s Modern Ranch Kitchen Renovation Mallory’s Classic Colonial Kitchen Renovation About Savannah’s Hardwood Floors My hardwood floors are EUROPEAN OAK SHELL BEACH by Garrison and I absolutely love them! We did a full kitchen remodel last year and it was one of the best decisions I made! To see the full kitchen reveal, click here. Savannah’s Kitchen Why we are learning how to install hardwood floors My master bedroom has old carpet in it that we have been wanting to replace since we moved in. We are gearing up to do a photoshoot in this room and that was the final push I needed to continue the flooring into…

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  • Mallory’s Classic Colonial: Breakfast Nook Makeover

    I used to spend little to no time in this space before I did this very bold and brave (for me!) makeover in our breakfast nook. If you’ve been around for a while, you know I LOVE navy blue so I went all out navy in this space. When we bought this home, this space was totally neglected and more of a passageway than a room. When we removed the old kitchen nearby, I knew this space could be the perfect breakfast nook off of our new kitchen! We replaced the floors and painted everything white for a temporary fix. A while later, I borrowed the light fixture for our new laundry room makeover which left this space totally neglected and empty. Nothing a little paint and decor couldn’t fix. AFTER Breakfast Nook Sources: Paint Colors: Behr Starless Night (matte on walls and semi gloss on doors and trim) Ceiling Medallion Chairs Blue Tray Blue Glass Set Blue Glass Bread Plate Blue Glass Motifs Plate Hangers Navy Curtains Chandelier How to Hang Plates on a Wall I have been collecting…

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  • How to Pick a Paint Sheen

    You’re at The Home Depot, you’ve picked your paint color, and you’re ready to finally bite the bullet and get this project going! Then the kind employee asks… What sheen would you like? *blank stares* *quickly googles how to pick paint sheen* You can consider this your how-to guide on picking a paint sheen for any room in your home! How to Pick a Paint Sheen First, let’s go over the 5 different types of paint sheen. Flat / Matte Flat paint has no sheen to it. It provides an ultra matte, velvet finish that is absolutely stunning in the right places! Flat paint is very pigmented which can mean less paint if you are covering another color! The downside of flat paint? It’s not easy to clean and can scuff easily! It’s great for low traffic areas of your home. If you love the look of matte paint, there are a few different formulas available now that are both matte AND scuff resistant! Where to put flat paint: Ceilings Very low traffic areas Eggshell Eggshell is great just about…

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  • Article Sven Sofa Review | Our Honest Opinion (and styling tips!)

    After our kitchen remodel, we decided that it would function best for our layout to have the family room right off the kitchen. I have a family of 6 which means we needed to pack in lots of seating into this space! This room needed a very specific shaped sofa and I found exactly what I was looking for in the Article Sven Sofa! Here is a detailed look at how I styled my Sven Left Sectional from Article!…

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