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How to Add Color to a Living Room | DIY Wood Trim Accent Wall

This post is sponsored by Behr Paint but all opinions are my own as always.

My living room is such a special place in my house. Right when you walk in, you get a stunning view of our floor to ceiling brick fireplace. To your left is a staircase lined with photos that make me smile every time I see them. The openness of the room is perfectly made for gathering. It is the halfway point in my house that separates the bedrooms from the kitchen. We spend so much time here as a family!

Where We Started

When we first moved in, we immediately removed the wall the separated the dining room from the living room. This area has had the biggest change since we first moved in!

  1. Added new flooring
  2. Painted EVERYTHING!
  3. Updated the fireplace with an overgrouted look
  4. Installed new windows

Just last week – my living room looked like this!

While our changes were big, most of them happened years prior and I have been ready for some change. Actually, I was ready for COLOR! Prepping for paint is always important especially if you are going to be using a sprayer like we did.

Using My Favorite Paint – BEHR DYNASTY

You all know by now that I love BEHR® paint but this is my first project using the BEHR DYNASTY and I have to say I am BLOWN away. This is the best of BEHR® Paint. This is BEHR® most durable, most stain repellent, most scuff resistant, one-coat hide paint ever. It is just so smooth and it goes on like a dream. Now for the color for this space I went a bit out of my comfort zone. I had been eyeing a shade of green that I was in love with at a building here in Arizona and I wanted to bring something like that into my home and into this space. Yes, I painted the entire living room GREEN! Village Green N410-5, to be exact and I did it in a Matte Finish!

I wanted a muted, inviting green color that enhanced the neutral colors in my home. This green almost appears as another neutral because it isn’t too bright. I know I say this every project, but this has to be one of my favorite paint colors!

Why High Quality Paint Makes a Huge Difference

You’ll notice that we also painted our windows and trim with this as well!  BEHR DYNASTY Paint has such amazing coverage and is extremely dirt resistant. The quality of your paint makes such a huge difference in the durability and longevity and it is always a priority for me to have a space that we can live in without worrying about scuffing the paint. With a huge project like this, one-coat coverage was such a game changer.

Can We Talk About The Trim?!

We didn’t just add a new paint color – we also added this stunning box trim up our stairs which in my opinion ties the entire living room together! I’ve had this on my project list for YEARS and I knew that if we were going to take the plunge and paint this room, this project had to be be included. I have a blog post here about how I’ve added box trim to my dining room. I followed the same process here, but with more detailed trim! The box trim truly elevated the entire space – just in time for the holidays!

How did we apply the paint?

Our ceilings in this living room at the highest point are 22 feet tall and with our detailed wood accent wall we decided to use our Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer. We use this big sprayer when we have larger projects.

How does this space feel now?

I am just so in love with this space. Village Green N410-5 was the perfect color for this room. I think especially with my white tile and all the light that this room gets this paint color was the perfect choice to make this space feel cozy. I am still giddy every time I walk in. Everything about this project reaffirms my belief that any space can be completely transformed with paint. Thank you so much to BEHR Paint for working with me on this project!

Tell me, what paint project is next on your list?!

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