My NEW windows from Cougar Windows and Doors!

This post is sponsored by Cougar Windows and Doors. As always, all opinions are my own.

The one universal trick to enhancing any space is….


Don’t get me wrong, I know that it isn’t always easy to come by. If you don’t have windows, it’s hard for the light to reach every inch of your home. In my opinion, a light and bright space elevates any design which is why I have tried to design to maximize light!

These french doors were here when we bought the home and it was one of things I loved most when we did our first walk through. I knew these babies would be here to stay!

Wondering about the stairs? Yeah….they actually lead NOWHERE and this is why...




vintage sofa | light | acrylic leg sofa | rug

Cougar Windows & Doors to the rescue!

The wall space above the doors in pretty large which makes these doors appear smaller than they actually are in real life. When Cougar Windows and Doors reached out to work on a project together, I knew exactly where I wanted to add some windows!

Adding windows is no small task which is why I probably wouldn’t ever DIY a window project. Quality windows are SO important for efficiency AND appearance so working with a trusted professional in this industry was a priority for me.

Here is a recap:

The Windows are IN!!

Next steps: Now that the windows are in, I am going to add trim and paint around them! I have all of the trim and the paint ready to go so I preferred to do this last step myself!

The stucco is cured and ready for paint!!

Frequently Asked Questions….

Who installed your windows?

Cougar Windows and Doors! If you’re in the Phoenix area, definitely give them a call if you need any windows or doors installed or replaced! I have been working closely with their team for awhile now and I am just SO impressed!!

Why did you want to add windows there?

The wall space above the doors in pretty large which makes these doors appear smaller than they actually are in real life. Adding windows above the doors made the room feel bigger and of course, added SO MUCH light!

What windows did you go with?

They are black gridded windows! The Cougar team also helped me pick windows that would block out the heat which is so important in Phoenix!

How long did it take?

It took one day to demo. We ran into an electrical issue but Cougar Windows brought out an electrician and it was resolved the next day! In total, it was about 3-4 days!

How much will my project cost?

If you’re interested in getting a quote for a project, definitely give them a call and tell them Savannah sent you! They will gladly come by and tell you how much your project will cost!

Cougar’s phone number: 480-699-9066

Ready for the final reveal?!

I am so glad I decided to paint the trim black! The drama of the black trim just makes the entire space! What do you think? I hope you love it as much as I do!


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    August 1, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    Beautiful! The new windows added so much drama. Love it!

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