The Ultimate List of Accent Wall Ideas!

Accent walls have been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. Bare walls have never been quite up my alley and over the years, I have created and tested more accent walls than I can count. What drew me to the trend initially was the ability to be creative and bring interest to a space without breaking the budget. Demo and renovation hasn’t always been in my budget. Especially when we were renting, affordable accent walls, typically with paint, was the best way I knew to create a home that I loved and felt like me.

Classy Clutter has created some amazing accent wall ideas that I wanted to round up in one place! Whether you’re looking for accent walls with paint, wood, murals – I’ve done it ALL in the last 11 years I’ve been blogging. Let’s dive in, shall we?! It has been so fun revisiting these to see how styles have changed over the years!

Accent Walls with Paint

The BEST way to achieve an affordable accent wall is with paint! This is my favorite way to spruce up a room and try something out of my comfort zone. The reality is, if it doesn’t turn out, you can paint over it and have a clean slate within the hour.

The Pink Leopard Wall

I think this belongs in some sort of Accent Wall Hall of Fame, right?! We did this in our office as a fun project. We did end up converting this room into a guest room so the pink leopard didn’t stay for too long. But man – it was fun! We have a whole video tutorial on how we made this happen with PAINT linked here right here. You won’t want to miss this!

For any questions about color and technique, you’ll wan’t to check out this post.

The One Hour Accent Wall

Not only did we do this an hour, this accent wall cost less than $10! I used paint I already had to achieve this brush stroke look. It was so easy and fun! We did this in our play room (yes, the same room that we did the leopard wall!) and it brought so much life into the space. Huge win!

We also made a tutorial for the giant PLAY letters. You can absolutely make them at home with this step by step!

Striped Wall

I still love stripes – through and through! This was a fun accent wall that really challenged me at the time! It isn’t “hard”, but the taping is very tedious and it involves a lot of measuring! You could also achieve this with wallpaper, but paint is SO much more affordable. I love this look a nursery!

The Buffalo Check Accent Wall

Speaking of stripes…how many of you remember my buffalo check wall? Believe or not, I’ve done this with paint (yes, it’s paint!) TWICE because I loved it so much. This is a bit tricky to accomplish but it is one of my favorites to date. Buffalo check is very much “me”, which is why it made the perfect accent wall in my house.

I have a full tutorial on how to paint a buffalo check wall linked here!

Ryder’s Adventure Room

This is my son’s Ryder’s room! Instead of wallpaper, I opted for another painted pattern. What I love about these kinds of projects is that you don’t need to be perfect. The slight variation is what makes it SO unique. This took me about 1-2 hours once I decided on a pattern. We still have this room as-is today and the added pattern on the wall brings the whole room together.

You could absolutely replicate this with another pattern of your choice!

Addie’s Color Block Nursery

How darling is this color block wall?! We put this room together for my baby girl. This makes me tear up because she has been in a big girl room for many years now! The color block accent wall is so simple once you decide where you want to change colors. In this room, we did 3/4 of the wall in bright pink and painted the other section white. With a color block, you typically see 50% or 75% of the wall one color. A quick measurement will help you find the right spot!

Wood Accent Walls

Box Trim / Wood Trim

Wood accent walls are my #1 go to for an “accent” wall throughout my home. I think the wood trim adds a level of interest without overpowering the space. It is classic and timeless even as trends change. I have a tutorial here on how we added the box trim/chair rail trim in our dining room!

Rainbow Wood Accent Wall

Kyle and I made this accent wall during last year when we were spending a lot of time at home. We needed a dedicated space for our kids to do virtual school. This accent wall was fun, youthful, and very simple! The wood trim pieces were very affordable! I would definitely recommend this project for another kids’ space!

Unique Wood Accent Wall

This wooden accent wall in my master bedroom was one of my earlier projects in our home. I’m not going to lie, this one took up quite a bit of time but I’m happy to say, years later, I still love it so much!

You can find the tutorial linked here!

Today, this room looks just a tad bit different – but the wood accent wall remains!

Tone on Tone Master Bedroom

Accent Wall Idea: Wallpaper

If you’ve been around awhile, you know I LOVE a good wallpaper project! The most famous wallpaper in my home is in my pantry! This space has been featured time and time again because this wallpaper is such a fun pattern!

My Pantry Makeover

Tatum’s Teen Room Makeover

My friend Jenny asked if I could help give her daughter’s room a makeover as her Christmas present – and this wall mural from Anewall really delivered! They have so many fun patterns and the process of adhering it to the wall is easier than you’d expect!

Wallpaper for Nursery

One of the most special projects I’ve ever worked on – my sister’s nursery! My sister and her husband have grown their family through adoption and it was such an honor to be able to help her with this room. The wallpaper on the accent wall was such a perfect, delicate touch for a shared boy/girl nursery.

You can read more about their story here!

Whimsical Girls Room Makeover

We did this amazing mural in my daughters’ room a few years back. I am still not over how much life it brought to this space! We went for a whimsical, woodland theme and everything about it brought a smile to my face! This accent wall idea made quite the impact. My girls cherished it for years and years!

Other Accent Wall Ideas

If you know me, you know I like to think outside the box! Here are a few ideas for accent walls that are outside the traditional paint or wood approach!

Twinkle Light Wall

When the mural above came down, my girls took their room decorating into their own hands and created this twinkle light floral wall. They did this all by themselves (with just a little help hanging the lights!). I can’t say this is exactly what I would have chosen, but my pre-teens love it, and that is what matters!

Sophie’s Gallery Wall

Corner Gallery Wall

Hallway Gallery Wall

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