Backsplash For Kitchens: How To Pick Tile You’ll Love For Years!

Choosing a backsplash tile is NOT an easy feat! It’s a big decision because as I’m sure you know, it’s difficult to switch out. If you’re reading this and working on a backsplash update in your kitchen, the good news is that you have two things on your side – lots of options and this post for inspiration!

What Is Backsplash?

Backsplash tile is placed on the walls of your kitchen above your countertops. Kitchen’s get messy, and having tile above your counters protects the walls from the inevitable splashes and spills. I love backsplash because of the decorative element it brings to your kitchen. There are so many options these days and today on the blog, I’m walking you through how to choose a backsplash for your kitchen update.

Backsplash Options: Slab or Tile?

When you are installing or replacing countertops, you typically choose a “slab” or stone like quartz or marble. Because you are purchasing the entire slab, you can have it fabricated for your counters in addition to your backsplash. The same piece of stone can be placed in both spots to create a cohesive look. Instead of individual tiles, your backsplash is one solid piece.

Angela Rose Home has a stunning backsplash that continues from her countertops and I just love this look!

slab backsplash in kitchen

The other option for backsplash material is tile. The tile you choose often goes with or contrasts your countertops depending on the look you’re going for. Tile tends to be the more affordable option, but it depends on your costs for fabrication or the tile you choose.

This is what we chose in our remodel for a very special reason – we continued the backsplash all the way up the ceiling for a dramatic look. You can see all of the photos of our remodel right here.

marble backsplash for kitchens
marble backsplash for kitchens

Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen

Subway Tile

Subway tile is a classic choice for backsplash in kitchens and in bathroom as well. But the photos below look different, right? That’s because the right photo has white grout whereas the left photo has dark grey or black grout. It can change the look completely!

Reasons why I love subway tile:

  • It’s classic! It has been a part of architecture forever and is likely not going anywhere
  • Easy to install
  • Extremely affordable

Brick Kitchen Backsplash

This is Jenny Komenda’s kitchen and the brick backsplash has my heart! It gives so much texture to the space. If I remember correctly, Jenny added a limewash to the brick to give that airy white appearance.

Floor and Decor has a great selection of brick tile so you don’t actually have to have brick to achieve this look. It comes in sheets just like any other tile.

Why I Love Brick Backsplash For Kitchens:

  • It adds dimension and texture
  • If you choose a red brick, it can incorporate color
brick backsplash for kitchens

Photo Credit: Forever Six Acres

Brick Backsplash Kitchen

Herringbone Backsplash

If you do a little searching, you’ll find that herringbone backsplash can mean a lot of things. As it has grown in popularity, many stores now carry tile that is already laid in a herringbone pattern. The truth is that you can lay almost ANY rectangular tile in a herringbone pattern for a modern look you’ll love for years to come.

I used this herringbone tile in my laundry room a few years ago and it is still one of my favorites! It has held up great and brightens up the space so much.

Why I Love Brick Backsplash For Kitchens:

  • It is a fresh take on a classic tile
  • It is very affordable if you use a solid tile
herringbone backsplash for kitchens
herringbone backsplash for kitchens

What I love about herringbone backsplash:

  • It’s simple to install if you get sheets of pre-laid tile
  • It adds interest to a traditional tile selection
  • Very affordable!

Patterned Backsplash

I never shy away from a fun pattern – and that includes tile! Patterned tile used to be higher in price, but as it has grown in popularity, you can find a pattern tile anywhere from Bedrosians to Floor and Decor.

The reason people may shy away from patterned tile is because they are worried they may grow tired of seeing the same pattern everyday. I’ll be honest, I’ve worried about this myself! Here are two ways to choose a pattern you’ll love long term:

  1. Make sure the pattern matches the overall aesthetic of your home. If your tile sticks out like a sore thumb, you will eventually want it replaced when it’s no longer trendy.
  2. Choose colors that you’ve loved forever! Tile is not the time to choose a new color palette.

Image from Bedrosians

pattern backsplash for kitchens

I did a patterned tile on the floor in my laundry room and I still love it so much! I would choose it over again if I could.

I hope this gave you some great ideas on how to choose a backsplash for your space! There are so many great options to choose from and they are all beautiful in your there way.

What type of backsplash is your favorite? Tell me in the comments

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