Mock-Up Makeover #2 | Creating A Cozy Piano Room In A Small Space

The second Mock-Up Makeover is here! This space was a really exciting project because it allowed me to test my design skills with something new. Over all the years, I’ve never come across designing a piano room, so this proved to be a uniquely fun challenge.

Today on the blog, I’m discussing all my tips and tricks to creating a cozy space in a small area, all while showcasing the home’s stunning piano.

Piano Room Tips & Tricks:

While not all of us own a fabulous piano, I’m sure many homes out there have small spaces that could use a little design flair. I know we’ve been there! Regardless of if you have a stunning piano room or a little nook, here are my favorite tips to create a warm and welcoming space. 

Add A Fresh Coat Of Paint

It’s crazy to me how much a fresh coat of paint elevates a room. For this mock-up makeover, starting off with a streamlined color scheme provided the serene and cozy space that a piano room needs.

Boothbay Gray By Benjamin Moore For Piano Room Paint Refresh

I recommended Boothbay Gray by Benjamin Moore, a stunning green-toned gray shade that acts as a neutral on the walls.

Add Dimension To The Walls

With a space that’s smaller, adding dimension to the walls really draws the eyes upwards. Box trim molding is one of my favorite ways to do this. Add it to all the full walls in the space and it looks perfect!

Continuing with ways to add dimension, slightly patterned curtains create an optical illusion of a taller and longer space. Don’t forget to hang the curtain rod up to the ceiling! This room is fortunate enough to have the windows against the same wall of the piano, so the long curtains added a dramatic touch.

These are my favorite slightly-patterned curtains that look perfect in this makeover:

Layer Rugs Under The Piano

I feel like this is not a commonly used design idea, but layering rugs creates the coziest space ever! For this room, I wanted to choose rugs of a different shape and texture, but not so opposite it clashed.

Here are my favorite rug choices when it comes to layering:

Bring In Glamor With A Chandelier

The first idea I had when starting the design process was to make sure to add in a chandelier. While many of us picture a typical crystal chandelier at first thought, I wanted to find a piece that felt a bit more eclectic.

After a quick search online, I was thrilled with the endless options available. Who knew there were so many stunning chandeliers out there!

Here are a few I consider to be the perfect fit for the piano room:

Finish Any Space With Curated Touches

No space is complete without finishing touches added in. This piano room was almost perfect, but it needed just a touch more attention to the walls and seating area.

On one wall I incorporated two framed photos to establish that artistic flair. Looking at the parallel wall, it felt like the perfect place to hang a large mirror. This is one of my favorite ways to make a small space feel large!

As for the seating area, it felt important to swap out their current chair for another with a bit more structure. Adding side tables to either side allows for an inviting space, with a lamp or flowers to finish it off. Lastly, I wanted to include a faux tree in here as well to incorporate some extra greenery. Finally, the space is complete!

Here is the curated list of all my favorite finishing touches for this room:

I hope you love this second Mock-Up Makeover as much as I do! If you take any design tips from this cozy piano room, please let me know in the comments!

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