Mock-Up Makeover #1 | Tips To Design A Primary Bedroom You’ll Love!

The first mock-up makeover is officially done! After using my favorite tips and tricks, plus curating all the best pieces, I cannot wait to share my design vision with you all.

For the first makeover, it felt only right to tackle a space so many of us find difficult to decorate. While the primary bedroom is one of the most used spaces in the home, its large size can make for awkward proportions or almost too much square footage to work with. After designing many primary bedrooms over the years, I’ve nailed down my favorite techniques to guarantee the space looks good every time.

In today’s post, I’ll go over all the tips and tricks implemented in this primary bedroom, plus make it easy for you to find the pieces I recommend. This way, we can all create bedrooms in our home we truly love!

Primary Bedroom Tips & Tricks:

While I’ve curated a master list of tips and tricks, many of you will find your primary bedroom only needs a few. Fantastic! Each bedroom is as unique as the homeowner itself, so take your time and truly decide what your space could use.

Utilize Furniture You Already Own

It’s common to feel so frustrated with a space that you want to start from scratch. It doesn’t have to be this way! This mock-up makeover proves quality furniture pieces are the perfect starting point for any great design. 

After including their bed, dresser, and side tables, only a few furniture pieces were necessary to purchase. 

Have a completely blank canvas of a primary bedroom with no quality furniture pieces? We’ve all been there. Here are a few of my favorite pieces that fit into this mock-up makeover and will last the test of time:

Incorporate A Primary Bedroom Seating Area

Adding a seating area into your bedroom is not only super simple, but creates a luxurious element you’ll use for years! 

My favorite way to do this is by bringing in a small couch or twin chairs to act as an end cap for the bed. Then, add in a simple coffee table and finish off the space with an 8×10 rug and it’s perfect!

Here are the links to the pieces that will create a perfect seating area:

Floor Length Curtains Elongate Your Walls

This is my all-time favorite trick to guarantee your primary bedroom gets the touch of drama we all love. 

By hanging your curtain rod at the top of the ceiling, it allows your curtains to kiss the floor in the most eye-catching way. No matter the window size, I encourage you to try out curtains. It truly elevates the space!

Here are the curtains I consider perfect to go with this makeover:

Art Collections Elevate Any Primary Bedroom

With so much wall space available in this primary bedroom, there is a lot of room to play around with various types of art collections. 

Here are my favorites from the mock-up makeover:

  • Long piece of art between smaller windows to connect the space
  • Simple 6-frame gallery wall. If you want to add family photos, consider black and white for a streamlined look. I love BFF Print Shop for all my art!
  • Creating a gallery wall that incorporates your TV. Add a 24×36 photo to compliment the large TV, then build the gallery out with smaller photos.

Art can be tricky to pick out, so here are the perfect pieces that coordinate with the entire makeover:

Arched Mirrors Open Up A Space

To finish off this primary bedroom, I wanted to incorporate a few arched mirrors in deliberate places. A stand-up arched mirror is perfect in a primary bedroom when there’s a medium-sized empty space that requires filling. 

Lastly, placing smaller arched mirrors onto bedside tables allows for added dimension to the space. Although it requires little effort, the effect is huge!

Here are a few of my favorite arched mirrors:

I hope you all loved the first mock-up makeover! I want to thank you all for trusting my design taste enough to open up your homes, it truly means the world to me.

If you end up using any of these tips for your primary bedroom, please let me know in the comments!

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