Beddy’s BIGGEST DISCOUNT CODE and Beddy’s Review

If you’ve been around for a bit, you know we LOVE Beddy’s. We’re going to show you everything we know (and love) about Beddy’s beds! AND some pretty awesome rooms we’ve done with Beddy’s! Beddy’s Beds are a staple in both of our homes and because we have built a wonderful relationship with the owners and the brand, we have THE BIGGEST DISCOUNT available on Beddy’s.


Beddy's + Classy Clutter Love and First White

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FAQs about Beddy’s

How does Beddy’s work?

A super brief description, because you can read all about it and watch countless videos of them in action on Beddys.com is that they are a fitted sheet with the comforter zipped over the top. The bedding is placed over the mattress like a fitted sheet and the bedding zips (like a sleeping bag) to make your bed in the morning. When unzipped, there is a panel of fabric that folds over the side of the bed to extend the width of the blanket, if you choose. The twin sized Beddy comes with a pillow sham and a pillow case, fulls, queens and kings come with two of each! They are the highest quality, insanely comfortable and most of all the most convenient thing in the world. My 4 year old can make his bed all on his own and that alone is life-changing.

Beddy's + Classy Clutter Modern Grey Zipper

How do I wash Beddy’s?

Beddy’s can go in the washer/dryer just like any “normal”blanket, sheets, etc. For twin Beddy’s, we throw the entire thing into the washer (zipped) and it gets perfectly clean, just fine. This works in front loader and top loader washers. Depending on the size/capacity of your washer and dryer, you may choose to separate your sheet and top comforter piece and wash them separately. Because the larger sizes are a bit bulky, you may want to run in through your dryer (I use the Bulky setting) then if it is damp at all, lay it flat to dry. For super humid climates, run it through the dryer twice if needs be. My dryer gets it 95% dry after running it on the bulky cycle and we live in Arizona so I just let it air dry the rest of the way.

Are they warm enough for winter?

Absolutely! I have lived in a variety of extreme climates (Phoenix, Arizona and Buffalo, New York) and we use our Beddy’s year round. If you feel like you need more warmth, we recommend keeping a quilt or one of the Beddy’s blankets folded at the end of the bed for extra layers. We also use them in cold months for camping in our RV. They are amazing in RVs, campers, fifth wheels etc.

Beddy's + Classy Clutter NY NY Beddys

Is the minky too hot to sleep in?

The short answer is “Nope!”. The minky is a great combination of warmth but not overly heavy. It provides warmth with your body heat but its thin enough to use in the summer. If you aren’t a fan of the minky, they carry all cotton options. Personally, we prefer the minky in our homes.

Do you sleep with them zipped or unzipped?

Both! This totally depends on the person. My older kids LOVE to sleep mostly zipped like a sleeping bag. They share a queen size bed and sharing the blanket has never been an issue. My littles like it unzipped except the foot of the bed. My husband prefers it all the way unzipped. I like it zipped at the feet or unzipped. Rezipping to make the bed is super easy!

Are they good for adults?

Yes, yes, yes! They have a variety of “adult” styles and they are available in larger bed sizes for adults. We love the all white styles for our beds. We have the Love at First White in a King Size in our guest room and want to get another one for our master.

Beddy's + Classy Clutter Collection - Love at first White

Do they stay put on the bed?

Yes, if your mattress is deep enough. If your mattress is less than 10″ deep or so, we recommend using these bed suspenders to keep them pulled tight. I have a video from our Instagram stories about how I get them to stay tight. With deeper mattresses, they stay fitted, tight and in place just fine.

How to keep Beddy’s tight and in place on thinner mattresses

Does it make changing sheets more difficult?

Changing sheets is the exact same process as it always has been.The benefit is, when you put the fitted sheet on, the rest of the bed is put on and made! win-win!

Beddy's + Classy Clutter - Vintage Blush

Do they work on bunk beds?

They are a MUST for bunk beds. Kids and moms alike can zip the beds easily!

Beddy's + Classy Clutter - Modern Gray

Beddy's + Classy Clutter - NYNY

The number one question we get asked is, is it worth the price?

I wish I could shout it from the rooftops with a resounding YES! The price is definitely higher than a full bedding set at Target or even Pottery Barn but the quality, style and convenience of Beddy’s in unmatched. One Beddy has lasted me substantially longer (with 5 crazy boys!) than any other bedding I have ever purchased for my kids. It doesn’t matter if it was an inexpensive set from Walmart or Target or a more higher end brand like

Where else can I use Beddy’s?

Beddy’s can be used on pretty much any bed! We use ours on dorm rooms, pull-out bed sofas, RVs, house boats, Murphy beds, campers, guest beds, etc.

Beddy’s Room Ideas

Beddy's + Classy Clutter - Brooklyn and Bailey Beddys

Brooklyn and Bailey’s Dorm Room

Beddy's + Classy Clutter - Grey Beddys

Little Boys Space Room

Beddy's + Classy Clutter - Modern Grey Beddys

Shared Boys Room Makeover

Whimsical Girls Room

Lego Room Makeover with New York, New York Beddy’s

Bonus Room Makeover with Modern Gray Beddy’s

Travel Trailer / RV Makeover

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