Brooklyn and Bailey’s Dorm Room Makeover

As you probably know since we’ve been blasting it on social media, we had the incredible opportunity to design and decorate YouTubers Brooklyn & Bailey’s dorm room for college. We have been friends with Brooklyn & Bailey’s mom, Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles (she’s a freaking rockstar!) and when she asked if we wanted to help with their dorm room at Baylor University, we obviously said YES! It was soooo much fun and we had the BEST time in Texas with them! Head over to their YouTube channel to see their video. Here are some of the before and after shots and links to all of the stuff we got to beautify their dorm. Amazing what a rugs, removable wallpaper and a whole lot of love and decor can do. The girls had a full apartment (and 2 other roommates) so we decorated their Living Room, Bathroom and Bedroom for Brooklyn and Bailey. Below you’ll find all the sources for everything we could find online!

Brooklyn and Bailey Living Room Makeover

Dorm Living Room Sources:

Marble Contact Paper: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079QVKZZN/?ref=idea_lv_dp_ov_d

Blue Shibori REMOVABLE wallpaper: https://rstyle.me/n/c8irqvccq6x

Grey couch slipcover: https://rstyle.me/n/c8irt8ccq6x

Rug: https://rstyle.me/n/c8is9mccq6x

Rattan cocoon chair with cushion: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itagccq6x

Leather chairs: https://rstyle.me/n/c8ita6ccq6x

Globe: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itbvccq6x

Mustard pillow: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itciccq6x

Tree: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itc8ccq6x

Macrame wall hanging above couch: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itdvccq6

Mocha ombre pillows in leather chairs: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itenccq6x

Set of three Succulents hanging in gold holders: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itfnccq6x

Wood accent table: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itf7ccq6x

Ivory lumbar pillow: https://rstyle.me/n/c8ithaccq6x

Brass triangular hanging planter: https://rstyle.me/n/c8ith2ccq6x

2 set succulent wall art: https://rstyle.me/n/c8iti8ccq6x

Succulent in gold pot: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itj7ccq6x

Gold 8×10 wall frames: https://rstyle.me/n/c8itktccq6x

Media baskets on tv stand: https://rstyle.me/n/c8iy6yccq6x

Living room lamp/table: https://rstyle.me/n/c8iy65ccq6x

Folding storage bin on tv stand: https://rstyle.me/n/c8iztcccq6x

Pink flowers in jar: https://rstyle.me/n/c8iztrccq6x

Large marble utensil holder: https://rstyle.me/n/c8iztyccq6x

Succulent on lamp table: https://rstyle.me/n/c8izuhccq6x

Multi color throw pillows (similar): https://rstyle.me/n/c8izusccq6x

Foliage tree behind chair: https://rstyle.me/n/c8izu7ccq6x

Succulent in terrarium: https://rstyle.me/n/c8izvkccq6x

Succulent with face: https://rstyle.me/n/c8izvzccq6x

White fuzzy stools: https://rstyle.me/n/c8izwgccq6x

Dorm Dining Space Makeover:

Round placemat under terrarium: https://rstyle.me/n/c8kz9zccq6x

Tri head gold floor lamp: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2ahccq6x

Gold terrarium: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2a7ccq6x

Dorm Bathroom Makeover:

The dorm bathroom needed some serious help. It was sterile and boring with weird ceiling lines and an awkward layout. We used some of our rental tips and tricks and brought in a few storage solutions for this space and now it’s surely the cutest dorm bathroom at Baylor… or ever!

Dorm Bathroom Sources:

Cabinets: https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2vpccq6x

Eye mirror :https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2vwccq6x

Marble and gold cotton swab holder: https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2xaccq6x

Cream woven basket/trash: https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2xjccq6x

Black plus sign decal: https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2ycccq6x

Shower curtain: https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2y7ccq6x

Succulent canvases: https://rstyle.me/n/c8i2zjccq6x

Dorm Bedroom Makeover:

Rattan flower headboard: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2fzccq6x

White Beddy’s: https://beddys.com/collections/brooklyn-and-bailey (Use CLASSY25 for 25% off!!!!!)

Mirror on desks: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2gjccq6x

Rug by reading nook: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2g7ccq6x

Desk lamps: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2isccq6x

Bed skirt: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2jfccq6x

Foliage tree (short): https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2j9ccq6x

Photo display: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2ksccq6x

Blanket basket with fringe:  https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2mcccq6x

Tree basket: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2mnccq6x

Gold paperclip picture holder: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2naccq6x

Gold table lamp: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2n4ccq6x

Lights/darks laundry hamper (similar): https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2pwccq6x

Marble contact paper for dresser, desk, tv stand, table, coffee table: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2rnccq6x

Rug under bed: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2sdccq6x

Wastebasket: https://rstyle.me/n/c8k2s7ccq6x


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    What about the little stools at the feet on the beds?

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    Phoebe Wood
    September 6, 2018 at 10:58 am

    Hi, love the dorm! I was just wondering where the curtains are from that they have in the dining room and in front of their wardrobe?!

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    How did you hang the succulents in the living room?

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    Where is their bedside table from? Everything looks great!

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    Where is the bedside table from?

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    Where is the bed side table from? love the room so so much ?

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    SC girl
    April 1, 2019 at 12:53 pm

    Love! But here’s a question for B&B, do you suggest the peaches and cream pillows from beddys or the boho blast bed set?

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