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Modern Ranch Reno: The Perfect Sofa for my Office

I recently made some progress on my office.. And I’m really excited to share parts of it with you. A MAJOR part of my office is my new sofa. My office is a room that has kind of been one of the projects at the bottom of my list because it is on the opposite side of my house and no one really ever sees it, except for the fact when I have to go into work I do not feel inspired nor do I enjoy being in there longer than I need to be. 

Can you even believe these before pictures…

When we moved into the house the office had a horrible wallpaper and the shutters were wood but not in a trendy good wood tone… it was ugly and it all was very outdated.  

We painted the shutters white and we got rid of the wallpaper and painted the walls a very very light grey so now I have a bit of a blank canvas.

Now it’s a stunning room that just makes me so happy and a place where I want to spend as much time as possible in.

My office serves many purposes, I like to hang out in there and watch some TV shows when I work on my computer or I am busy working on crafts or my kids are hanging out in there while I am working on some projects. It is MY space. I really wanted my office to be somewhere that made me happy whenever I was in there. 

The first piece of furniture I wanted to purchase for the new office was going to be a couch. I looked everywhere for one that I liked and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for until Joybird. Joybird  is custom made furniture and they have a very clean and modern look to them. I have a few friends that have purchased furniture from Joybird and they have been over the moon about their pieces. One of our friends owns a stunning mustard yellow sofa that is just to die for so finally my search for a great sofa ended. Joybird was my answer.

The first thing I did was ordered some sample fabrics from Joybird so that I could have some inspiration on what direction I want to go in the office. When the samples came in the mail I was very excited about all the different colors and the different textures that they had to offer.

I ultimately decided to go with a Preston sofa and the fabric I decided to choose was the Key Largo Bubblegum.

Shopping with Joybird is so fun and it’s an experience in itself. You can select the piece of furniture that you want and then you can go through all of the color options and see with that color looks like on the actual piece of furniture you were choosing.

And even better I was also able to pick the stain that you want on the legs of the furniture. I decided on the mocha finish. 

After I custom picked everything I wanted for my piece of furniture then came the fun part. I would get updated as the process was going along and I love the whole experience of hearing what was happening with the sofa. I have order things online before and had them custom-made and I’m always curious on where they are in the process of creating the piece. Joybird makes it such a fun experience and I love the fact that my piece was 100% custom-made just the way I want it to be done. 

The day the sofa arrived I felt like it was Christmas morning. I had been getting updates about the process of this sofa as it was coming together since the very beginning and to see in real life was really exciting. It’s kind of like a what to expect when you’re expecting type of situation. Just like in the week to week pregnancy update books talking about what’s going on with your baby I felt like Joybird gave me that same experience with my pretty new couch. I felt like I had talked about this couch and read about this couch since before it was even anything at all and now here it was being delivered to my house for my new office. 

The bubblegum pink is such a perfect color. It has great texture to it and I love that there’s a little bit of movement in the fabric but in a very classy way. The color has a very bright and fun and cheery and rich feel about it.

The couch was even better than I could even have imagined. I wanted this sofa to be the focal point of the room and so I wanted to create a fun gallery wall just above it.  I found a few of the prints off of Etsy and a few of them are from a local photographers. I wanted the pictures to have a very fun, with a  light and airy feel to them and to have more of  a Palm Springs vacation vibe. 

The “Motel with the Diving Lady” is a motel in my hometown of Mesa, Arizona and I grew up seeing that since the time that I was very little. Not only is it a cool motel sign it also has meaning and memories behind it.

Boss lady is a print from my Classy Clutter print shop. 

The cool hanging lights are from Target and I feel like it adds a great element and complements the legs on the couch. 

The sofa is definitely the star of the room and that is exactly how I wanted it to be. A sofa that I have seen come together from the time that I designed it online and then to the process as it was being made and then deliver to my house has made me so much more invested  and in love with this piece of furniture. It was made just for me and I am so happy to have it in my office that I get to create amazing and fun things. I can’t help but smile every time I see it. 

And you know what the best news is, I purchase a second sofa from Joybird and it is going to go in my master bedroom and I cannot wait to show you how it turned out. I will also be sharing more details of how my office went from outdated 80’s style to a bright fun modern updated space when I reveal the rest of the room. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Joybird. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Savannah, your office is beautiful! I don’t think I would get much work done in that room, I would be to busy just chillin’ on that sofa! I am also an AZ girl. Growing up in East Mesa and now living in Gilbert. I love the diving ladies sign. It was my favorite as a child. I love the print in the center of your gallery wall. It’s all the colors I want in my family room. Would you share your source?? Pretty Please???

  2. This space has come so far! It looks amazing. I really love that pink couch, accent couches make sure a fun and drastic difference in a space, although my family hates fun colored couches. Putting them in a more closed off room, such as your office, is a great solution to that predicament.

  3. I have this same sofa picked out for my next sofa purchase. I hope you are finding it comfortable and long lasting. LOVE your office!

  4. Where did you find all of these prints? I love the fun colors and am trying to decorate my new room!!

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