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Finding flooring can be really difficult. When we bought our new house in October we planned on moving in then down the road redoing the flooring. As we started working on the house we knew that we wanted to do the flooring before we moved in. Since the new flooring would be in the main rooms of our house we knew that doing the flooring while we lived there would be harder with us living there.

Now the challenge was finding the flooring that we wanted and finding it fast. What I did first was I put together a must have list.

Which included:

  • Light colored
  • Something that would look good next to my pre-existing hardwood floor because the hardwood was in good shape and it was in the entryway and the kitchen.
  • We were looking for something very durable because the new flooring is in the formal living room, dining room, living room, nursery, and hallway. Because it was going next to real hardwood I did not want a “wood looking” tile even though I loved a lot of them I just wanted a different look.
  • And fit into my budget, especially since we originally decided to do flooring down the road after we moved in.

These are the main parts of where the new flooring would go,

This is the entryway which is already hardwood but the new flooring would go right next to it so we wanted something to look nice.

The main living room  and dining room which we ended up filling in with concrete and dirt to make it all one level.

The main living room and in the babies room which was framed in behind the other side of the fireplace to make the room.

After I put together my list and I figured out my budget and exactly how many square feet I needed I headed to Floor & Decor in Tempe, Az. I went with Floor & Decor because the they had so many flooring options and they also have so much flooring in stock which was HUGE for me I wanted to be able to pick out what I wanted and be able to take it home with me the same day, and the prices were unbeatable. The staff was also so helpful. Every single person I talked to had such a knowledge of the flooring.

I met with the Manager Stephen and I went through all of my must haves with him and he showed me some options that they had.

When I saw the Carrara Matte Grey Porcelain I knew it was the one I wanted. It met all of my must haves and even better then I even imagined. I took home three pieces of that tile so I could make sure that it was the one I wanted. I looked at the tile at all different times of the day and also next to my hardwood that was already there. Once I decided that I wanted that flooring for sure I went back to Floor & Decor and met with Stephen and one of Floor & Decor’s lead designers. Once I met with them the designer helped me choose the layout that I wanted, the grout thickness and also the grout color. It was so nice to meet with them and have them help us make the decisions.  One thing that is really hard about renovating a house is that you have to make a lot of decisions and I always tended to rethink my decisions over and over again. Since I got so much information from the good people at Floor & Decor I never once second guessed my floor choice.

I left Floor & Decor with way more knowledge of flooring and especially way more knowledge of grout. I had no idea how important choosing the right grout was.


For me finding the right flooring was way more then just picking out some flooring. I wanted to learn about flooring and I wanted to be educated about why certain flooring would be better then others, and that is exactly what I got from the employees. Be sure you go and visit your local Floor & Decor for all of your flooring needs.

If you to see even more of my before pictures check out this post HERE. I am going to be sharing all the details of my flooring process and what pattern and grout choice with you a bit later and be sure to follow the #savannahsmodernranchhouse hashtag on Instagram and Facebook to follow the progress on my new house.

This project was created in a partnership with Floor & Decor!  All ideas and opinions are our own, promise!


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  1. I do think that making sure the ground is level before getting flooring such as tile or wood floors installed is important. When figuring out the best flooring solution for your home it is best to consider how much foot traffic you get, if you have any pets, what is easiest to take care of and clean etc. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you soooo very much! This particular floor is Maple so it is so much different than most I have seen. Everything seems to be oak and the look is so much different when they add those white oils to make it look driftwood-ish, Color is my main focus really i must admit. So your information is so very helpful! My other choice is Bois Chamois so its like 9$ vs 21$ sq ft! I live in Florida but in air condition 365 days a year basically! Thank you so much for your help, you truly make Classy Cutter a great place!

  3. Hello Mallory, I just loved the idea of flooring decoration. My home is right now in construction and I will definitely try this flooring decoration at my home. Thanks you so much for sharing such a lovely blog.

  4. Great points! Thank you for sharing this. Finding the great flooring for my new home is quite difficult since you want it perfect. Great read. Thank you!

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