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DIY Holiday Wreath

Do you need a holiday wreath for this season? Here is a super easy DIY project that anyone can do and they make the perfect gift too! Check it out!

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We are so excited that it is finally the best gift-giving season and a holiday wreath is the perfect gift! The holidays are such a wonderful time to serve others. One of our favorite ways to serve is to create handmade gifts and hand-deliver them. This year we thought it would be really fun to make handmade, fresh holiday wreaths for our friends and neighbors. We love the look and smell of fresh greenery around the holidays! You just can’t beat it! Today we’re going to show you how to create your own fresh wreath using products from Fiskars and challenge you to gift it to someone special this holiday season! Fiskars is one of our favorite brands and is known for its innovative cutting tools which can be used for crafting, gardening and more.



How to Make a Wreath

  1. Cut the Branches.

    Get either fake or real trees for the wreath and start cutting them to size.

  2. Use floral wire to attach the garland.

    Take the wire and start wrapping it around the base. Make sure there are evenly distributed so the wreath looks full.

  3. Add a ribbon.

    For a long bow make sure to cut it at least 2 yards and tie it onto the base. You can make it look for full by adding different layers to it.

DIY Holiday Gift

First, use your favorite fresh branches and trim the branches to form bunches. Using a variety of sizes branch for a full looking wreath.


Use the floral wire to attach the stems of the garland to the wreath form. Wrap wire like a bread tie to attach it securely. Trim any excess stems with Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruners. These pruners are super easy to use and are light weight too! They’re perfect for this wreath project because the blades feature a low-friction coating so that they won’t gum up with sap from the fresh branches.


We thought about doing a really full, elaborate bow but then we decided that simple would be better. Cut your choice of festive ribbon to about 2 yards length with Fiskars Original Orange-handled Scissors. Thread the ribbon through a thick wire on the wreath from and tie a simple bow at the top of the wreath.

If you don’t have them already, we highly recommend the Original Orange-handled Scissors. They’re perfect for everything from daily household tasks to crafting and more. Can you believe that these iconic scissors are celebrating their 50th Anniversary next year!?


After you tie the bow to the wire form, trim the tails by folding your ribbon in half (length-wise) and cut it at a 45 degree angle.


Lastly, punch out a custom gift tag using white cardstock and the Fiskars Tag Maker. This tool makes it easy to create tags perfect for gifts and other crafts in three quick, simple steps. Isn’t it beautiful?


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This project was created in a partnership with Fiskars!  All ideas and opinions are our own, promise! 


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