Unique Gift Card Gift Idea with The Home Depot


Hello dear friends! The fun holiday projects continue! Today we’re partnering with The Home Depot to bring a really fun twist on gift card giving! We would honestly be thrilled out of our minds to receive a Home Depot gift card for Christmas so naturally, we want to give them away too!


Look at all of the adorable holiday designs on the Home Depot gift cards! They also have a ton of cute designs for eGift cards if you’d rather email one to someone; always a good idea! PS All gift cards are reloadable. We had this idea to do a play on numbers by using a combination lock.  We got our padlock and checked the combination on the back of the lock and bought 3 gift cards in those denominations. Our combination used the numbers 27-33-13 so we got a gift card for each of those amounts. Here’s how we did it!



First, fill your paint can with tissue paper (if you have some on hand!). We used vinyl stickers to put the amount of each card on the gift cards, just for fun. You could also write the amounts on each card if you want. gift-card-gift-ideaPlace the gift cards inside the paint can and close it tightly. You may need a rubber mallet or hammer to close it.



Next, wrap your chain around the can like you would wrap a ribbon around a present. Then, use your padlock to secure the chain on the top.

gift-card-gift-ideaFinally, we placed the numbers of the locks combination in random order on the can using the vinyl stickers. The recipient has to unscramble the numbers to reveal their gift!

This gift is literally perfect for ANYONE! Parents, spouse, teens, friends, wedding gifts, anyone! Seriously. It is so fun and sort of a game and seriously, who wouldn’t want THREE gift cards to The Home Depot!!?? Gift Cards are truly the gift EVERYONE wants and are one size fits all! Visit the Home Depot and get creative on how you give them, here are some of our awesome friends with more ideas for giving the gift of gift cards.

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This project was completed under our partnership with The Home Depot. The project ideas, materials selected and opinions are all our own, promise!


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  1. Thank you for sharing such an awesome idea! I’m going to buy a few home depot gift cards at a discount off this site i’ve had my eye on since some time (giftcardspread.com) . Definitely giving this a try.

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