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Halloween Costume Ideas: Girly Clown Costume

This year I did this easy, quick, cheap and super cute DIY Clown Costumes. This DIY Clown Costume is still one of my favorite costumes we have ever done.


How to make a DIY Clown Costume


  • leotard
  • 2 skeins of yarn (yellow and pink)
  • yarn pom pom maker
  • scissors
  • tights or leg warmers
  • arm bands/gloves
  • 110 yards of tulle
  • 1 yard of thick elastic (waistband)
  • top hat headband
  • sparkle pom poms (mixed colors)
  • feather embellishments
  • suspenders


For this this costume we started out with a basic pink ballet leotard and embellished the entire thing.

Clown Halloween Costume-004

Step 1: Pom Pom

We used our pom pom maker to make different colored pom pom balls out of yarn (2 yellow, one pink) and stitched them to the bodice of the leotard straight down the middle.

Clown Halloween Costume-013


Step Two: Tutu

We started the tutu. First we measured Millie’s hips and made a circle out of the elastic for her waistband. Stitch the two ends of the elastic together to make a circle. Next, we created the tulle skirt.

Clown Halloween Costume-008

We used 110 yards of 8″ strips of tulle. They came on these handy rolls. It was definitely a full skirt but we could have even used more tulle. We cut the roll into 24″ strips. This length will be half the length of the skirt. So 24″ strips make a 12″ long skirt.

Clown Halloween Costume-015

Clown Halloween Costume-016

Clown Halloween Costume-017

Clown Halloween Costume-018

Clown Halloween Costume-020

How long did the skirt take to make?

we folded our tulle in half and tied it to the waist band. This process went by really fast and we actually started using two at a time and it worked great! The whole skirt took about 20 minutes with two of us tying the knots.

Clown Halloween Costume-022

Clown Halloween Costume-021

Step Three: Accessories

We hot glued the sparkle pom poms to the top of the skirt to give it even more texture and playfulness! We LOVE how the skirt turned out!


Clown Halloween Costume-010

Step Four: The Hat

We hot glued some embellishments onto this top hat headband we found at Michaels. (Similar here)



Finally, we dressed her up.  Leotard then skirt, suspenders, leg warmers, arm gloves, hat!





Ring Master Costume

The Ring Master costume was made for Millie’s older sister Leesie. I bought a Ring Master costume and I added a few more things to pull this costume together. To start the costume we started with a black leotard, striped tights, red and black skirt. Then, added the striped fabric and bowtie. We even used a pirate jacket by cutting off the puffy sleeves and it’s perfect for a ring master! Cutest!


Lion Costume

Their little brother Ryder is going to be a lion! Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. We love a good sibling costume theme! Girly Clown + Lion Tamer + Lion, YES!



Their basically the cutest things you’ve ever seen!


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