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Getting Ready for School – Tips & Tricks!

Getting ready for school is a fun and exciting time. Be prepared with these back to school tips for success!

This post is sponsored by Clorox. All opinions are my own.

Our family loves getting ready for school to begin! It brings a little more structure to the house and the kids love to see their friends. This year we are all excited for the school year to begin! I did a few things that made getting back to school easier and wanted to share my back to school tips and tricks.

How to Prepare for Back to School

This year, we have three of our four kids in all day school at the same school. My third child Ryder is 5 years old and he started Kindergarten this year. A few days before school started we went down to the school and walked around so he would know where everything was. We were also able to meet the teachers and show the kids where they will be sitting and what their schedule would be this year. We also dropped off some school supplies and cleaning supplies for the teachers and their classrooms, including Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes. It is important to keep surfaces disinfected to prevent the spread of illness in the home and in the classroom, and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This was really helpful and also calmed a lot of nerves for the kids’ first day of school this year.

First Day of School Prep

The night before school started everyone was very excited! The kids had their new clothes, new backpacks, and even some new lunch boxes. So, we started the night by having a good dinner, and then we went through the new clothes and each kid found the perfect outfit for the first day of school. They laid out their outfits, along with their backpacks and shoes, so that everything would be ready for the morning. This is only the first step in getting ready for school in our family!

Cleaning the House

The next step is cleaning the house! I wanted everything for the first day of school to go smooth as possible. After the kids were in bed, I went through the house, picked up, did the dishes, and then I used Clorox® Scentiva™ Disinfecting Wipes and the Multi-Surface Cleaner in the kitchen so that in the morning we had a fresh start for the first day of school. I don’t know about you, but mornings can be a bit crazy around here. Getting all the kids out the door and off to school on time can be rough, and starting off the day with a clean kitchen can make it a bit easier start to the day. I am happier and my kids are much happier!

First Day of School Morning

I set my alarm a bit earlier for the first day of school but there was no need for that, the kids were so excited and they woke up extra early. While they got dressed I started breakfast. I was so glad that I had cleaned the kitchen the night before. I also love that I had done the dishes and started the load before bed. It was great to have everything clean and ready for when we woke up. We normally keep our school morning breakfast pretty simple but for the first day of school I wanted it to be special so I made some pancakes, eggs and toast. I wanted the kids to have a good meal to start off the day right.

Packing School Lunches

I knew that for the first day of getting ready for school, I wanted to pack the kids’ lunches. Especially since it was my little boy’s first day of school ever. I was a bit nervous about him having to carry a tray of food so I planned on packing his lunch for the first week of school. Since I had used the Multi-Surface Cleaner on the countertop the night before, I was able to quickly make the lunches and I knew that the surface and was clean and ready for me to put the lunches together.

Back to School Pictures

Before the kids left for school I had them take some back to school pictures and they even held some cute signs that I had made. I love documenting these special moments. I have taken pictures of my kids first day of the school ever since they started preschool and I love looking back at these pictures and comparing them each year.

The Send-Off

I dropped them off at school and made sure everyone got to the right classroom. They were so excited and I was so happy that they found some familiar faces on the playground. I went home and cleaned up breakfast and wiped down the countertop again with the Clorox® Scentiva™ Disinfecting Wipes and then I was ready to start my day of running errands and getting a few things organized and ready for the new school year.

Write Everything Down

Getting back to a schedule can be tough. A few things that have helped us is writing our schedule down on a big calendar in our kitchen. My kids have a lot of after school activities so having a schedule posted for the whole family to see can be really helpful. This just keeps all 6 of us on the same page. I can add all kinds of special events such as birthdays, parties or anything that we have going on.

Cold and Flu Season

The school day came to an end and the kids headed home. They washed their hands when they got home from school because now that school has started the germs have also started to come home with them. The kids had an after-school snack and then we went over the day. After the kids were done with their snack I quickly wiped down the countertops with the Clorox® Scentiva™ Disinfecting Wipes . I also use these wipes on the door hands and the light switches. I know I can’t protect my kids from everything but by using these wipes I feel it is helping make all-around healthier, happier home.

This year’s first day of school was great! Being prepared and getting ready for school makes all the difference, and we are excited to see what this new school year brings.

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