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Prescott View Home Reno: Garage Makeover Progress and Getting Organized

Prescott View Home Reno: Garage Makeover Progress and Getting Organized

When you’re tackling a home renovation, the garage becomes Grand Central Station and you spend a LOT of time working in it. We found ourselves constantly going in and out of the garage making cuts with various saws, grabbing supplies, recharging tools and everything you could imagine.

We decided to tackle the garage makeover first so we could organize our tools and DIY supplies so we weren’t digging through boxes throughout months of renovation. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in, sans 1 million boxes that got loaded into the house.





Oh boy! See, chaos. I needed a way to organize all of my stuff and have the garage function.


There were several random cabinets on a couple walls in the garage so I rearranged them onto one wall so it made more sense. I painted them white so it felt brighter and a little more updated. I created a little desk area and used a sheet of melamine on top to create a table top. I installed a peg board to hang tape and tools and put shelving by it for my paint. garage-makeover-tools-and-paint-storage

garage-makeover-paint-storageI also put all of my bins away on the existing shelving and added some extra shelving too. I had this idea of getting a bin for some of the tasks I felt like we were constantly doing and materials we were constantly using. I got the bins at Home Depot.


Here’s our drywall and texture bin. Its filled with drywall mud, tape, sandpaper, backerboard screws and drywall knives.


We have a ton of electrical switches to change out and we did some rewiring so this bin comes in handy while updating all of the outlets or doing any electrical work. I leave the electrical to my husband because he actually knows what he’s doing… I do not. LOL!garage-makeover-painting-bin

Here’s our most frequently used bin, the paint bin. It holds paint trays, brushes, rollers, tape, paint pads, paint openers, a rubber mallet, etc. I love grabbing this bin and having everything I need for my many paint projects. garage-makeover-tiling-bin

Here’s the tiling bin full grout, thin set, spacers, trowels, grout floats, grout haze remover, knee pads, a tape measure, etc.


Oh! I also painted the door navy which was a game changer. The whole garage was a cream color and the trim was painted the same beige/cream and it just looked dingy! I painted it with Behr Silver Dust to brighten it up and refresh the whole space.


After everything was repainted and organized, I prepped the floor for paint. I used a power washer and completely cleaned every speck of dirt and grime on the concrete. I used a nylon scrub brush for stubborn stains and messes.



Finally, we have an amazing floor paint pattern that Savannah and I just finished. Stop by tomorrow for the full tutorial and the full reveal of the garage. Yes, I incorporated pink and yes, I decorated it. Here’s a sneak peek! Hasta mañana! I hoped you enjoyed our Garage Makeover.


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  2. I love that you have lots of photos showing how your garage looks when you’re working on a project. Your garage looks massive which is a bonus for the houses in the U.S. I’ve seen the follow up picture with the flooring and it looks great.

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