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Prescott View Home Reno: DIY Pantry Build and Reveal

Today’s post  DIY Pantry Build is a favorite of mine for several reasons! 1. It added SO much function to our kitchen and our lives and 2. I LOVE how organized and how pretty it is!

When we moved into our home this summer, there was no pantry. Whaaaat?! Not gonna fly. I knew this when we bought it, obviously and had grand plans of making my dream pantry.


My old house had the most incredible pantry and is still a favorite on the blog and on Pinterest.

Side story: I met this girl the other night and she was asking about our home renovation since she is doing one too. Then, I pulled up a photo of my kitchen progress and she saw my glass jars from my previous pantry makeover and explained that she saw and saved the same jars in a pantry on Houzz. I mentioned it could’ve been my last home and she pulled up a screenshot on her phone and it was my house! What!?! So crazy! It was quite the conversation piece since we had only met like 10 minutes prior! ha! It was so funny and pretty awesome to see that she was inspired by my work without even knowing me. My heart was so happy!


Before we moved in, there was a bench in this little cut out area in the wall and the previous owners built this cool bench seat. They used it as a dining area and had their kitchen table right here. The bench has hinges and was fantastic for storage!

When we moved in, I repainted everything and hung some fun prints from my last house.

It sat like this for a bit while we worked on some other renovations. Space in the kitchen was getting tight and we had pretty much no food storage. Most of our pantry food was in our laundry room on some shelves and it just wasn’t functional for our family.

We removed the bench – I was kind of sad to see it go! It was a cool little storage area! We framed in a wall and added these doors from Home Depot. My husband has experience framing so I let him handle that part! It was really cool to learn and we have even put up another wall in my office space! It’s really cool and fulfilling to put up a wall in your home and stand back and say “wow! I built that!” ha! For reals, though.

After the wall was built and the door was in, I decided to tile the floor (before we hung drywall!) so it would be easier to get under the shelving and lay the tile. You can check out a video on how to install floor tile on our YouTube channel.

I grouted the floors using bright white grout and used 5 1/4″ base moulding . Next up, drywall!

I painted the doors in Behr Ultra Pure White and I painted the inside of the doors Behr Everything’s Rosy in Satin Interior Paint. I love that dusty pink color so much!

As for the inside, not much changed since my pantry makeover in my old house. I got the white bins and smaller clear dry goods dispensers from Ikea and the clear jars and larger cereal dispensers from Wal-Mart. I labeled them all with labels I made with my Silhouette Cameo. You can purchase the jar and bin labels in my shop if you don’t want to make your own.

On my other pantry post, we had a ton of questions about whether it stays tidy and clean and the answer is YES! It is the only way I have found to keep our food organized and cleaned. I also hate strongly dislike store packaging. Before I started using the bins to sort our pantry food, more often than not my pantry would be full half or completely empty cardboard food boxes. My kiddos are able to see what we have, choose a snack, get it on their own AND put it away on their own. I was worried that my bins would limit us and I’d buy something that doesn’t fit into a category but I haven’t had that issue.

I use the lazy susans on the left to store syrups (top shelf) and canned goods on the other two. We don’t go through a ton of cans so these have worked great for us.

I absolutely love how it functions and how it looks in our home! The pantry is right off the kitchen and I can’t WAIT to show you the rest of the kitchen soon!


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  1. So pretty! Just found the laundry room reveal with that blush pink door on Pinterest. Your laundry room and pantry are just divine! Those blush doors are over the top!!

  2. Wow … that is such a craft guys ! Really well done !

    As you say in the post as well, in not only adds some extra functionality to the kitchen but it looks amazing as well … very fresh and modern !

    Great DIY skillls, congrats!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey guys … congrats on this post and of course on your DIY. It looks stunning.

    You have some serious skills and should be very very pround! Well done!

    You gain a really good space there to organize your kitchen, loved it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. ohhh, fantastic. what is absolutely perfect is that you spaced the shelves to align behind each level of window pane on the door. brilliant.

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