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My Beautiful and Simple Christmas Tree

My Beautiful and Simple Christmas Tree
I’m so excited to have my Simple Christmas tree up this year! Last year, my little one was 13 months old and into EVERYTHING so I opted out of putting the tree up last year. I was sad about it but I didn’t have the energy (since I was also 3 months pregnant!) to chase him away from the tree every 5 seconds! Any who, here’s what our tree looks like this year! I spent a total of $13 on ornaments shopping HL sales and the dollar store! Gotta love that!


 The boys were in charge of assembling the tree so Mommy could decorate!
Carter is such a great helper!

The boys had so much fun! They felt like they had done everything themselves and were so excited for the Christmas season! I really love spending time with my cute family! I loved seeing the smiles on my little boys faces decorating! It made the Christmas Spirit just come to life in our home.

 LOVE my rhinestone topper! Its so cute and fun! It adds sparkle to the tree and is adorable!




Here are a few closeups of my favorite ornaments!


 I got this at the DOLLAR Tree!!! Isn’t that awesome!?


These next two are my absolute favorites. These are my sweet boys’ frame ornaments.
 Got these at Hobby Lobby.  My aunt bought them for me 2 for $5! Score!


Carter – 2 years old
 Parker – 6 months old


The BEST part of this whole decorating My Simple Christmas Tree was that at 10pm (just after finishing the tree) my husband got his acceptance letter to dental school!!! YAHOO!!!! Best news EVER!!!!
Leave us a link to your Simple Christmas tree or Holiday Decor!
Do you like how my tree turned out? I hope so! 🙂



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