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Homeschool Room | Striped Accent Wall with BEHRⓇ Paint

Do you homeschool your kids? This homeschool room makes a HUGE difference! Try out this easy DIY project to make a creative & fun space for your children to learn in! It is so easy & affordable to make a homeschool room! Try it out!

This post is sponsored by BEHR Paint.

A homeschool room is perfect for the kids to do homework in and learn new things! Back to school brings so many emotions such as excitement, nervousness, and of course, wishing we could freeze time to keep our babies just as they are!!

Did you know this room used to be my office?! Once I put in the effort to have a dedicated work space, everything changed for the better! I could have a seat at this desk and dive into work while feeling inspired by the walls around me. Now that virtual school is in full swing, the idea was for the kids to have that same feeling while doing their school work to separate “play time” from “school time”.

We tried doing school at the dining room table and that was just a little too chaotic!

The Before

The accent wall was done entirely with PAINT an it used to be an office!

BEHR Paint Colors: Pink Posies M130-1, Wild Geranium M130-3, Diva Glam P120-6, Glitterati P120-7

Let’s talk about these colors, shall we?!

BEHR Paint just released their BEHR® Color Trends 2021 Palette, featuring 21 on-trend, approachable colors. Along with20 other creators, I have been working with BEHR Paint behind-the-scenes to show how you can use each of these beautiful hues in your homes, and I can’t wait to show you how my project turned out!

Look at the saturation directly from the can! This is one of the reasons I’m such a tried and true fan of Behr Paint! 

My featured color is…..Euphoric Magenta M110-7!

Because this space is for the kids, it needed to be bright and saturated which is why Euphoric Magenta did not disappoint! The color trends palette has so many good options, but this deep purple really stood out to me. The rest of the room is styled in a boho vibe and Euphoric Magenta matches the aesthetic perfectly!

I mean, look at the saturation! This is one of the reasons I’m such a tried and true fan of Behr Paint!

From Left to Right:

  1. Euphoric Magenta
  2. Nocturne Blue
  3. Royal Orchard
  4. Saffron Strands
  5. Kalahari Sunset

You can see the full list of colors at behr.com/2021trends!

The Wood Accent Wall

I loved the idea of having these colors start on the wall and continue to the ceiling and really wanted the colors to pop off the warm white walls and not look too busy. The more colorful the better for this homeschool room!

Then, I had played with the idea of skinny shiplap in this room as well. And when I couldn’t decide, I combined them!!

How We Made This Project Happen:

  1. We went to The Home Depot and purchased 1 in. x 2 in. x 8 ft. Premium Kiln-Dried Square Edge Whitewood Common Board.

    I have 5 for each color.

  2. Paint them with a paint brush or sprayer.

  3. Arrange them on the wall.

    Use a spare trim piece to measure in evenly space between boards.

  4. Using a nail gun or a hammer and nail, secure them to the wall and continue on the ceiling.

Ready for the final reveal?!

How amazing is this rug that I also picked up from The Home Depot? I didn’t realize what an amazing rug selection they have online and this one fit the vibe of this homeschool room perfectly!

This homeschool room project was fun, affordable, and made such a big impact! Which color is your favorite? Tell me in the comments how YOU would use Euphoric Magenta M110-7 in your home!

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