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Prescott View Home Reno: Bonus Room Makeover

I’m so excited about today’s post! We’re gonna chat about our Bonus Room. I think people call it a “flex” room? Yeah, flex room. This room was used by the previous owners for a family/tv room! They had comfy sofas and a little desk and office space in here. I wracked my brain for how to use this space best for our family! Since I decided to frame in a pantry (more on that later) I used the space where the previous owners had their dining table… which meant, this needed to be a dining room or… part dining room. It’s awfully long to use only for a dining room and perhaps as our family grows, we will use it primarily for dining someday. For now, it’s our flex room that is our kiddos tv room + dining room. Weird right? Well, it TOTALLY works wonders for us! It was one of the reasons I fell in love with the house (the windows!!!) and the fact that it had so many possibilities!

First, I removed the carpet and installed new flooring. I begged Savannah to come to Prescott and help me (a 2 hour drive!) and her and her kiddos had a sleepover while we installed the new laminate. It was our first attempt and we got it done in one evening. It was an install/pizza party! Doesn’t she look thrilled about helping me? LOL!

The flooring turned out beautifully! (More on the flooring and install soon!) Then, I installed wainscoting and even used it to hide the TV cords (genius hack coming soon!) I painted the top 1/3 of the room with Glidden Royal Navy. I LOVE this Navy so much! It’s the perfect shade of rich navy without being too dark!

I got this pull out sofa bed from American Furniture Warehouse and it doubles as a guest bed! I don’t see the sleeper sofa on their website but I think it’s still in-store.

Which brings me to my next point. Guys, for the love. If you don’t own one (or 4 like me!) already, please, get yourself, yo kids, your family a BEDDY! This is one of my top 10 favorite products I have EVER owned. Swear. I used the Modern Gray Beddy on our sleeper sofa and its amazing!!! You pull out the bed and bam! Bed is made and ready for sleeps! I kid you not, these are so comfy, warm, compact and CUTE! How can you beat it? PS Beddy’s is having a 20% off sale today! Just FYI! Use code MLK20 for 20% off of your purchase! If you miss the sale, I think you can get 10% off anytime but subscribing!

Bam! Bed put away! Guys, I’m telling you. Genius! Also, this couch is super comfy and is the perfect hang out for our family!

I’ll be sharing the dining room space soon and a full tutorial for the wainscoting soon!

Meanwhile, you can check out how to paint a dresser inside the house!

I love this space SO much and it truly gets a TON of use in our home. It’s the first place the kids want to relax after school and great for lazy Saturday mornings! This is not our main living room but we use it like it is!

Let’s be besties!

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