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My Little Boys’ Space Room Makeover

Boy's Space Room Makeover -

It’s our first room reveal in my new house!!! YAY!!!! We are SO sad to retire the Superhero Room but we moved it to two different houses and this would be the 3rd house we reused it in. My Parker wants to be an astronaut and he really really wanted a space room. Now, themed rooms can go one of two ways. We can get all Winnie the Pooh, bright colors and honey everywhere or how I like to do it, pick a theme and go neutral and add some “themed” touches. I added a few more touches than I initially thought but I am obsessed with the turn out. Parker is beside himself. He can’t get enough and wants to show everyone his room. He shares with my 2 year old who would be happy to live in a cardboard box but I’m assuming he is just as obsessed. Totally fine. Oh, I photoshopped out some cheesy Cheetoh fingers on the newly painted white beds for ya. You’re welcome. When we moved in, here’s how the decor looked. Oh sad day. No skyline, no Batman masks, no art, no throw pillows. S-A-D! That superhero room, actually the original superhero room we […]…

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DIY Stars Wars Dresser

August 10, 2016

Today I’m excited to share all the details on how we did this DIY Star Wars Dresser. Okay, so my little guy Ryder LOVES Star Wars so much! When…

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