Mustard Yellow Night Stand

I snagged this baby for a measly $5! It sat in my living room for a while but I realized I wanted it in my room. Perfect size and height. I really like the two drawers next to my bed for storage! I hate having tons of stuff on top of my night stand. I’m a weirdo.
For about a year, I’ve loved Brooke’s mustard yellow night stands from All Things Thrifty. My room is undergoing a shift in color and design right now so I was so excited to spray this piece with Krylon’s Bauhaus Gold.  And we all know that Brooke is the spray painting genius!
I’m gonna be real with you friends.  When I sprayed it, I HATED IT! 🙁 A. It wasn’t the typical smooth finish I get with Krylon. B. It was windy which wasn’t helping, C. The yellow looked like a giant merge sign to me!

Totally didn’t look like Brooke’s gorgeous pieces.  I came inside and told my hubby I’m putting it on the curb. It was only $5 after all, which stinks but for as much as I hated it at this point, I sooo didn’t even care! 
I looked at Brooke’s again…and again and I kept thinking… “I love the color, what is the deal? Maybe its the glaze that I’m in love with, maybe if I glaze it, I’ll like it…” 


I used Behr’s Faux Glaze from Home Depot. It is clear out of the can, so you have to have it tinted. Some paint pro’s at Home Depot may give you a hard time about tinting so you may have to (sweetly) insist. This guy just suggested I mix it with my paint. Clearly had no clue what I was trying to accomplish with this stuff. hehe.

Anyway, once I nicely insisted he tint it, he wrote the ratio of tint he added in case I needed more. 🙂 It was perfect! It is a super dark grey, almost black glaze and I’ve used it on two pieces now it and it’s great! 

This can runs about $13 but I’ve used maybe 1/10th of it on two projects. It’ll last you a good while.

Once I applied the glaze, me and my pretty night stand were reunited in love! I was sooo excited that I didn’t hate it anymore!!! I really wish there were more detail and I am still sorta on the lookout for two matching night stands with tons of detail for under $5 each. Since that’s kind of a tall order, I’m loving this for now! 
Oh wait! Jus when I thought we were home free.  I had my drawer pulls in my front yard in my grass on a big cardboard box waiting for the ORB (oil rubbed bronze) to dry and I went out to get them and ONE WAS GONE!!! I searched and searched everywhere in site! I thought the wind carried it away or something and it has completely disappeared. My hubs even moved the lawn and didn’t find it. Maybe someone took it? Who would take that? Seriously!? 
I went to Hobby Lobby and got a pair handles that worked and I got the pair for $3.99! Yay for 50% off! I got home and drilled new holes. I had to spray paint the screws because they were silver on my black knob. Not cool.
I loved my nightstand all over again! I can’t wait to show you the rest of the room! 

Oh yellow, how I love you. Have you used Bauhaus Gold?

Oh ya, we’re guest posting over at Tip Junkie today! Hop over to see our tutorial on How to spray paint furniture!

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  1. They look fabulous! I didn’t like yellow when it first started getting popular but it’s grown on me and now will be part of my bedroom color scheme after we move and I can start on it. I’ll have to keep the glaze in mind!

  2. LOVE it!! It’s crazy how much glaze can completely change the look of a piece! Glad you decided to keep it! It’s awesome!

    1. I would like to know the same thing… this is entirely a new concept for me, but I have two antique dressers and my childhood dresser that I want to redo. I love the glaze look but don’t know the techniques to achieve such an awesome look.

  3. So.cute! I am lookig to paint my piano this awesome color, but I am so nervous! I have the same question about your glazing technique! I have become a new follower of.yours too and would love it if you stopped by my new blog! Lilblueelephant.blogspot.com

  4. WoW. I have been using wall paint to paint some of my furniture, I used spray paint once but I wasn’t sure about how it would hold up…does it bear wear and tear pretty well?

  5. I can’t believe it! I have this same nightstand, also purchased for $5
    at a garage sale, and have been wondering what to do with it! Now, I
    know! Thanks

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