Things I would have done differently!

On a few of my projects there are a few things I wish I would have done differently.. and I wanted to share that with you!

On these two projects I used black spray paint.
I would have either done a few more coats of spray paint and also used polycrylic as a sealer, or I would have used Latex paint. In my experience I feel like my latex paint projects have done better with wear and tear.
I am not saying that I would not use spray paint on anything, because there are other pieces that have been perfect and held up very well with spray paint.
I am just saying that pieces that get ALOT of use,
 make sure you use a sealer and a few extra coats of spray paint.
But that is just my opinion. I know a lot of people that say the love spray paint on everything.
Also, on my office desk I wish I would have taking the time to paint the inside of the drawers or taped off the inside edges so you would not see some of the overspray.
Although I LOVE my master bedroom there are two things I would have different.
1. My lamps, I feel like I should have used a “Hammered” spray paint instead of the plain silver. I think the hammered spray paint may make the lamps look more expensive.
But that is a easy fix and i will be doing it soon, I will post the result.
2. My fabric choices- Although I LOVE LOVE the print on my pillows I used cotton fabric on my big stripe pillows, because I did not want to spend the money on home decor fabric. I wish I would have though! Home decor fabric on pillows looks so much richer! I still love the fabric I used and will not change it for a while but when I do… I will spend the extra money to do all home decor fabric!
Still loving my white cabinets but after I was done painting I add white paintable caulk in the cracks of the cabinets. They looked perfect, but now over time the white caulk has turned into a pale yellow and so now I am going to have to repaint the cabinet fronts. 
Note to self do the white caulking before you start painting!

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