Living Room finishing touches!

Oh my goodness… so much has changed since my Living Room Reveal. I ditched the pink in the living room since I got my dose of pink decor in my craft room

Here’s how it looked in progress…
I decided to go with a gallery wall over my sofa. I ditched the wal-mart floor lamp (blah!) and added two thrift store lamps that I sprayed a pretty yellow.  I was excited to get the lamps for $7 each (including the shades!) Sc-ore! 
I then moved my framed photo of the Mesa Arizona Temple into my hallway and made some Ballard Designs/House of Smith’s inspired shelves for the corner wall. 
Then… I ended up here…
I tossed around the idea of a slip cover or reupholstery but deep down…. I just wanted a new couch! I couldn’t see past the eye sore.. 🙁 
(Ps I still gotta paint that right side end table! Found it on the side of the road so it needs a little paint job!)
I started shopping around for a new sofa but didn’t get too excited bc the hubby wasn’t completely on board… He knew how badly I wanted a new one. I finally found one I really liked and showed the hubby.  The response I got was… “ya babe, that’s nice.” Then he went to school.  I texted him and said “Couch?” and I got a text back a few minutes later that said “Sure baby!” So I ran out and bought it!!! HOORAYYYYY!!!!!!!! A couple days later, she arrived!
I sold my old couch on Craigslist about 2 hours before my new one arrived!
I unwrapped her and screwed on the legs! One side of the pillows that were included matched the fabric of the sofa but the other side was not really my style. I plan on recovering the pillows but for now, the polka dotty fabric faces the back!
I wanna get this rug but I’m still working on the “okay” from my sweet hubs! Maybe for Christmas! 😉
and I really want these pillows! haha!

Oh man… I’m gonna be honest… I am really loving how it is coming together.
To do:
Hem curtains
Paint end table
Accessorize shelves
Make more pillows!

And just for fun….
A few weeks ago…
and now!
What do ya’ll think!?

**Update: I GOT MY RUG! I’ve done a few little switcheroos in this room so I’ll have to do a new post to show you some fun changes! Here’s where we’re at now!
What do you think now!? 😉

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  1. It looks SO much better! I love the color scheme and ESPECIALLY the wall behind the TV!1 So so pretty. I can’t wait to move into our next house (boo.. 1.5-2 years..) so I can go crazy with re-decorating! P.S. Great couch too!!! 🙂


  2. Wow how fun you got a new couch. Love the new look. Great job. Your shelves look awesome too.

  3. It’s fabulous! The couch has made a world of difference and everything looks fabulous together! Pretty and fresh and lovely!

  4. Okay, so a world of difference and soooooo much better I love it all. Great job in decorating. Good luck in getting the rug and decorate on…you go girl.

  5. Hey There- love the color on the walls. Any chance I could get the paint manufacturer name and the paint color? If you happen to still have the info. Thanks much!

  6. Oh, goodness! I just love it all!! I’m discovering your beautiful blog (and ideas) through Remodelaholics link party. Thanks for sharing. {Now I need to tour around your home some more…:)}

  7. Your living room is looking darling! I also have grey stripes in my living room and I love the feel of them! You house looks beautiful.


  8. You and your hubby sound just like me and my hubby! We go through that same cycle of me being excited, him not being on board, but saying okay anyway! I LOVE your room! The wall is awesome! And I love the rug! Mind sharing where you found it? I think it might look pretty good in my living room 🙂

  9. How did you do (or what is it) the “PIC” hanging next to the Temple pic? it almost looks like addresses but it looks amazing! I can’t wait to re-do our living room again but I think I’ll wait until this winter so I can decorate it/arrange it all around pics of our sealing in the new KC Temple!

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