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Modern Ranch Reno: Concrete Sidewalk

When our backyard layout was not working we had to come up with how we could use our backyard to its full potential. A concrete sidewalk was our answer.

We have been working on our backyard for months now. You can see our backyard game plan HERE.  When we were talking with my dad (he is a landscape designer, he owns a company called DB Landscape here in Arizona) we went over our hopes for our back yard. 

Backyard Goals

  • A place to entertain
  • For the kids to use the whole backyard
  • For it to feel like a retreat
  • A place where the kids can be and play for a long time.

Why the backyard was not working

In the backyard the pool is right off the back patio. There is also a good amount of backyard behind the pool. That space behind the pool was just waste space that no one ever used. In the landscape plan we have a full concrete sidewalk going around the so that we can use the entire backyard.

We are wanting our backyard to go FROM THIS


First project in this backyard renovation is the Concrete Sidewalk

This is a tall glass of water to go from our current yard to our dream yard. With the game plan for the backyard its time to get the plan in motion. The first thing that needed to happen in this backyard renovation is the concrete sidewalk.

Step 1: Clear the debris

We had a random block wall we got rid of and some old brick boarders that we had to clear out of the way first.

Step 2: Bring in more dirt

Our backyard was not level at all and to prep for the concrete pour we had to bring in dirt to level everything out. We wanted clean fill dirt and we found a company on Craigslist that is actually a pool company that will deliver dirt when we are digging for a pool for a fee. They brought several dump trucks of dirt delivered onto our front yard and we got working. Then we rented a skid steer to help move the dirt more quickly.

Step 3: Grade/level the yard to prep for concrete

With all the dirt now into the backyard we needed to grade and level the dirt for the concrete. My husband did this with the skid steer as well and I so happy we did not have to hire this part out. The prep for the concrete is really important and my husband has worked with the company that we hired for the concrete sidewalk before and so they knew that he would be able to level the yard just right for the concrete. I would talk to your concrete company that you are using about the grading and the leveling of the yard before doing it.

Step 4: Concrete forms

The concrete company that we hire is a company that my husband has worked with on several different jobs and they are awesome. It is company out of Mesa, Az called Sher-Good Concrete. Ted Sherwood is one of the owners of the company came over and we laid out a game plan for the concrete sidewalk. We decide to do a concrete sidewalk 4 1/2 feet wide. The standard sidewalk path is 4 feet wide but since we have the room and kiddos that I am sure will want to pass each other and ride side by side we went with a little bit wider concrete sidewalk path. The Sher-Good crew came and laid out the forms and busted it out within a day.

More then just the concrete sidewalk

Besides the concrete path we also added some stairs in our pool area and also extended the pool area out a bit so that we would have a bit more area in the pool area to lounge and hang out. The crew also did the forms that area as well.

Step 5: Concrete Day!!!

After weeks and weeks and a ton of labor to prep for the concrete the big day came. It was concrete pour day and it was all hands on deck that day. Sher-Good crew were here at the house bright and early that morning and they got straight to work. We ended up needing yards of concrete. The pour took a few hours and it was so exciting to see everyone at work.

Step 5: Concrete sidewalk DONE!

The Concrete sidewalk was done. They removed all the forms and after 48 hours my kids were beyond excited to try it out. We have enjoyed this concrete sidewalk way more then I ever thought we would. My kids do loop after loop of the bike path and I am so happy that we finally use the ENTIRE yard. This was honestly the best thing we have done in our backyard.

NEXT STEP in the Backyard Renovation

Our next step for the backyard renovation is going to be the pavers. We are excited to get rid of the green outdoor carpet and then complete the pool area with some lounge spaces and also complete the whole loop of the bike path with some of the pavers. Stay tuned for the rest of this backyard renovation.

I did a whole video on each step of the process. You can see it on our YouTube channel


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