How to mow your lawn – a Mom’s guide.

How to mow the lawn, a mom's guide | www.classyclutter.net

Confession: until Friday, I did not know how to mow the lawn. Well, I know how but I didn’t know how to use a common push lawnmower. I know, ridiculous. Do you know how?? Growing up my Dad had a driving lawnmower because we had a bit of land to mow and our front yard was mostly gravel and river rock with some shrubs and stuff so a normal push lawnmower wasn’t really necessary. Hence, me never learning how to do it. I feel like this is one of those things you need to know how to do. Kind of like riding a bike or changing a tire. You just need this skill. I was lacking it for far too long.

Pink Tree in the Spring.jpg

Isn’t this pink tree down the street amazing? Photo via my iPhone/Instagram feed.

Our lawnmower bit the dust last Fall and Winter came and we didn’t need one. Fast forward past the longest winter ever and it’s now Spring in New York and the grass is growing! YAY! I loooove Spring, you guys. The winter chill is gone, birds sing, flowers bloom, my kids can go outside(!!!) and the sun is out. This Arizona girl needs sun. Oh my gosh, PS. the cutest little red robin made a nest in my tree right beside my porch and it was SOOO cute!!! It’s so tiny and has a bright blue robin egg inside the perfect little nest.

Robin Egg + Nest.jpg

Anyway, we got a new lawnmower this week and it was time I learned to use it. It’s always bugged me that I didn’t know how. It’s not hard at all, I’ve just never had anyone show me before. I thought to myself, I wonder if there are other girls out there that could use a little walk through of this pretty easy, absolutely necessary skill

1. Check to make sure there is gas in it. Easy.

How to mow the lawn | www.classyclutter.net

2. Check the oil. All lawn mowers are a little different but it’s got the same little dipstick thing that a car has. Make sure it’s full so your engine is lubricated and doesn’t cease up. That’d be bad.

How to mow the lawn | www.classyclutter.net

3. Prime it by pushing this little red button 3 times.

How to mow the lawn 4

4. Grasp the handle bar and the skinny bar that starts the lawnmower. I could not find the real name of that bar for the life of me but just know, the lawnmower will not start unless it is pulled back flush with the handle bar. Use the pull start (the cord with a little handle) to start the engine. It may take a couple pulls.

How to mow the lawn 5

5. Start by mowing your perimeter. You can have half of the mower on your driveway or sidewalk to get the very edge.

How to mow the lawn | www.classyclutter.net

6. Push the mower up and back in even rows. I overlapped each row so I didn’t miss any spots.

How to mow the lawn | www.classyclutter.net

Tada!!! So easy! PS. Can you believe how green this first Spring grass is? I didn’t edit the color at all and it is so bright and fresh! I love it!

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If your lawn is all ready to play, try and build this cute little seesaw for your kiddos!

DIY Kids Seesaw tutorial

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    1. That’s totally why I have never known how to use one! I grew up on a big lot so I had no need to learn how to use a push mower but I’m glad I do now! LOL! Thanks for stopping by Katie! xoxo

  1. This is wonderful! I just graduated college and only push-mowed a small section of our lawn once in my life. We too had a riding mower and my mom and older sister enjoyed driving/riding, so I never learned. I won’t need this skill quite yet, as I am renting, but some day… I am determined to learn (or will have no other choice). Love your blog!

  2. I was just talking about this with my male friend. I personally had to learn how to mow my lawn. My sister has not. I know lots of women who have not. I was wondering myself how many ladies never ever learn or have to learn. I am glad I did and your post was great. I just need to work on the straight lines thing. My backyard is small and has lots of obstacles. Great How To!

  3. As an extra tip from one who has done a lot of grass cutting in her life, you can tie a strip of cloth around the two bars (handlebar and skinny bar) to keep them together without you having to constantly hold them together while you cut the grass. Then when you are ready to turn the mower off, just slide the cloth down the side of the handle until it passes the skinny bar. Leave it there on the side of the lawn mower bar for the next time you cut grass. I hope this is helpful.

  4. If a lawn mower blade is bent, what would be the best thing to do for it? I’ve been thinking about fixing the bend or to just replace it. For me, it’s something new as well since I have used to mowing my lawn with a manual lawn mower instead of the electric or the gas powered ones.

  5. Mallory, would some of these tips also apply for a ride on lawn mower? The lawn mower that I borrowed from my father is one that you ride on and maneuver while you’re sitting on it. For me, it’s something new that I’ve yet to try out because of all the lawnmowers that have been used were the ones that you push with your hands.

  6. That is interesting that you never used a push mower before. At my house we also had a riding, and we used it for nearly all of the lawn, but the edges that are right next to fences and the house needed to be done with the push. Scraping the riding mower along either of them was loud and damaging to both the machine and the thing you scraped.

  7. I agree that you should check the oil. I think sometimes when a lawn mower doesn’t work, it’s because it’s out of oil. I think it’s also important to check to make sure there are no large debris in the oil tank.

  8. I’m surprised that you didn’t know how to use a push lawn mower until recently! My family had a push lawn mower growing up, so I learned how to use it pretty early on. However, I can see how, if you had a driving lawn mower, you wouldn’t have had to learn how to use anything else. I’m sure the instructions you gave will be helpful to those in a similar situation. Thanks for the article!

  9. You are right, knowing how to mow the lawn is an essential skill. It’s surprising to hear the number of people who just never needed to learn. I am glad you realized how easy it is, and your freshly cut grass looks great!

  10. This is a great guide on how to cut the grass. I have been cutting my own grass for years, but I honestly have no idea how to explain to someone else what to do. I’ll show them this next time someone asks! Thanks for putting it together!!

  11. I am really surprised that you don’t know how to use a mow lawn mower until recently! My family had a push garden mower growing up, and so I learned how to make use of it pretty early on.
    Nevertheless, I am able to see how, if you had a driving lawn mower, you more than likely have had to learn how to work with anything else. I’m sure the instructions you offered will be useful to those in a similar situation. Thanks for the article!

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    Thanks,for sharing this valuable information with us.

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