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Tips for Hanging Frames

Are you tired of it taking forever to hang frames? Check out this post for my most valuable tips for hanging frames!

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We love pictures and we love gallery walls with hanging frames. Its a great way to change up a space and to personalized your home. Gallery walls are great to put on big blank walls in a hallway, living area, or a bathroom! I always get so many compliments on the frames and people ask how I hang all of them. So here is one of my best home tips step by step!

Where we get frames

  • Micheals
  • Ikea
  • Thrift Store

What we use to hang pictures

On my recent corner gallery wall I used these High and Mighty wall hangers and I love that they are easy to use that you don’t need tools to use them and also they hold a lot of weight. You can find the wall hangers HERE.

Watch step by Step

You can watch me hanging the picture HERE. Also, be sure to follow us on IG at Classy Clutter.

It is easy to elevate your home when you have the proper tips to do so. There are many other tips and tricks posted on my blog that you need to check out!

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