Our Best Beauty Tips! | Beauty FAQs!

What makeup do you wear?

Here are our everyday makeup routines!

Do you still have a Shine Cosmetics code?

Yes!! You can 10% off by using the code CLASSYCLUTTER!

Who does your eyelash extensions?

Salty Lash! We love them so much! We get fills every 2-3 weeks.

What hair extensions do you have?

We buy our hair extensions through Salty Hair Extensions! Savannah put them in. We move the hair up every 6-8 weeks!

Does Savannah do hair professionally? Is she taking clients?

Yes she does! She is not taking clients currently but we will let you know when we can!

What press on nails do you love?

We made a tutorial here on exactly how we put them on! You can watch it here.

These ones! We love Impress Nails and grab them from CVS!

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