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Kitchen Organizing Hacks

This post is filled with kitchen organizing hacks, tips, and my absolute favorite gadgets. These are all MUST HAVE items for the kitchen. Check them out!

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1. Label Maker

  • It all starts with the label maker! We both have this one, but it is currently sold out on Amazon. This is another great option! Label makers are essential when it comes to kitchen organizing hacks and I have no idea what I would do without mine. You can also use it for organizing other bins that are not in the kitchen which is awesome if you have kids! Try it out!

2. Knife Block

  • Not only is this a much safer way to store your knifes, it keeps your kitchen organized! This is an essential piece in our kitchen that only needs to be purchased once and last for years! I have two of these kitchen knife blocks and I love that my variety of knives can all fit in this block.

3. Spice Jars

  • We LOVE these spice jars because it helps the cupboard look more uniform and comes with the supplies you need to fill them. It comes with different shaker tops for different herbs and spices and a funnel to help fill them. Like any great organizing product, allows you to see whats inside so you don’t end up buying more of what you already have.
  • TIP: We highly recommend clear bins, jars, tubs, etc whenever possible. After your initial investment in the clear product, this will save you from buying things you already have and save you from running out of things you use most often since you can easily see inside.

4 oz. Spice Jars | 6 oz. Spice Jars

4. Spice Drawer Organizer

  • Similar to the knife block, this is a kitchen staple and will help you organize your kitchen easily. When all of your shakers are organized you will instantly see a huge difference, I swear! Try it out!

5. Bamboo Drawer Organizer

  • Do you have one drawer that holds all of your spatulas and other random kitchen gadgets? These bamboo drawer organizers are perfect for separating these into their individual categories! This will elevate your kitchen organization to the max! It can also save a ton of space in your drawers.

6. Clipboard for Meal Planning

  • We hang a clipboard in our cabinet with our meal plan for the week! We use the weekly meal plan from Made It. Ate It. Loved It. and each week we print out the recipes we are going to use. When the week is over, we put all of the recipes into our recipe binder. Try this out and see if it helps you stay on track!

7. Utensil Holder

  • The ones listed below are all great options depending on how much you want to spend on a utensil holder. Not only does this add a little accessory to your kitchen, it helps you stay organized!

8. Drawer Organizer

  • Are your drawers stuffed with different pots and pans, cutting boards, and random trays? Drawer organizers exist and they are awesome!! Check out the ones I have below!

9. Lazy Susan

  • Don’t know what a Lazy Susan is? It is a try that rotates in a circle which is perfect for drawers and cabinets for organizing. It saves up a lot of space and has lots of potential for a kitchen! You can also use it as decor in the kitchen too!

10. Cookbook Holder

  • This is a great decor piece for your kitchen and can also be super helpful when you are cooking a new recipe. Having a cookbook holder keeps you organized and might actually encourage you to try new recipes in whatever book you choose to purchase!

11. Paper Towel Holder

  • This is a kitchen organizing hack for sure! Everybody needs this in their kitchen whether you keep in under your sink or on the kitchen table! Getting a paper towel holder will keep it organized and looking amazing.

12. Sponge Holder

  • Trust me when I say you will not have to replace your sponge nearly as much when you have a sponge holder. This will keep it out of the dirty water and dirty dishes and can be easily accessible.

13. Soap Dispensers

  • Having the soap dispenser bottles out of your counter looks cheap and unorganized. Invest in a soap dispenser, I promise they are super cheap and so worth it! Try it it!

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