How to Accessorize Your Kitchen

It can be tough to learn how to style and accessorize your kitchen because it is a high traffic, high use room. Everything on your counters and in your drawers needs to be intentionally placed to maximize effectiveness. Here are out tips for styling and accessorizing your kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, crowded counters can make the space feel too tight. Keep that in mind if you’re trying to open the space – less is more!

Before we jump in, have you seen the before and afters of our kitchens?!


AFTER: Mallory’s Kitchen Reveal


AFTER: Savannah’s Kitchen Reveal

How to Style Your Kitchen

Clean everything off the counters

It’s easier to start with a clean slate. Clear your counters and wipe them down so they sparkle! Anything that doesn’t fit in the cupboards can be placed somewhere just for a short time.

Start with the biggest item

It’s always easiest to start with your largest item! This could be a small kitchen appliance, tray, or vase. If you have a “statement” piece in the room, place that first!

TIP: Only keep your most well-kept appliances on the counter. An outdated kitchen appliance on display can bring down the aesthetic of the room.

Corral the essentials

Using a vase, tray, or even both, put like items in one spot. This could be your soaps/cleaners next to the sink or a vase of pretty mixing spoons. This will add some dimension to your counters.

Place this item away from the largest item you placed in the previous section. If this is your biggest item – you are doing great and keep going!

TIP: When placing items on a tray, make sure you have items of varying height! This will make a HUGE difference in your overall design.


Add a pretty cutting board, or two!

This is a kitchen essential that can be beautifully displayed! We love to lean them against the backsplash/wall behind our range, but can be placed anywhere within the kitchen that makes sense for your layout.

TIP: Have 2-3 cutting boards together. The variety adds an element of layering. One cutting board can look out of place.


Add some life!

Incorporate some life into your kitchen with a plant or flower! This can be a small succulent added to your tray of items or a dedicate vase. Real or fake, adding some greenery will be sure to freshen up this space and add some color.

TIP: Fruit on display works great too!


Uniform containers and dishes

Change out your soaps and cleaners that are on display to a brand with a label that fits your overall kitchen style. If you love the soap you have, invest in soap dispensers that can sit pretty on your counter! Just remember to check whether your soap is clear or colored. If your soap has color, grab a solid dispenser so you can’t see through it.

If you have open shelves, having uniform dish ware on display will be a game changer!



Dish towels

We all have kitchen towels that are more like kitchen rags! Useful, but not so pretty to look at! Have a drawer of kitchen towels that are dedicated to cleaning, and others that fit with the design of your kitchen. We still use our nicer towels to dry hands, but for spills and cleaning we use the older ones.


The details

What will set your kitchen apart are the details! Special salt and pepper shakers, art, and candles that fit the overall style you are looking for will bring your design to the next level. These are the items people will notice and ask about when they come into your kitchen!

TIP: Adding something vintage or thrifted is a great way to have something unique and inexpensive – also makes for a great conversation piece!



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