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How To Deep Clean Your Home

The Spring Cleaning Process

For us, Spring Cleaning is giving attention to overall cleanliness and function of your home. It’s about this time of year that we realize everything we are still holding on to from the holidays! All of the stuff we were too busy to address during the hustle and bustle have finally come to a head!

Pick a Space

You don’t need to clean out your entire home at once! Pick a space that you are committed to tackling. It will feel amazing to have one space completed in entirety.

Clear it Out

Taking absolutely everything out of the space. If you are cleaning an entire room, for example, your living room,

  • Take all of the pillows off of the couch. If your couch cushion covers can be washed, take them off as well.
  • Roll up any rugs
  • Clear all surfaces

How to Spring Clean Your Space

  1. Throw anything that can be washed into the washing machine
  2. Pick up and throw away all trash
  3. Vacuum all of your furniture! Yes, even the couch cushions. Hold off on vacuuming the floors for now.
  4. Dust everything – including inside cabinets and other furniture!
  5. Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces now that they are dust free
  6. Clean the baseboards
  7. Vacuum or sweep the floors
  8. Mop the floors
  9. Arrange furniture back into its original spot!

Free Print!

To kick off your Spring Cleaning, here is a free print from the Classy Clutter Collection! Print this off and pop it a frame to add some easy seasonal decor to your space!


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