The Ideal Rug Size For Your Living Room

How to Choose a Rug For Your Living Room

Living room rugs can serve a few different purposes:

1. Help shape and define a room

2. Add style and texture

3. Protect the flooring underneath it

With that said, look at the short list above and make sure your rug selection meets this criteria. 

Choosing the Rug’s Purpose

Unless your flooring itself makes a statement in your design, you want your rug to be one of the focal points in the room and you want your rug to be as big as possible. This helps define the space and adds visual interest and personality to any space. If you have a more open concept home layout, a rug can be very helpful to visually divide up the room.

Rugs also help set the intention of the space. A cozy shag rug feels inviting and makes you want to walk around barefoot or lounge in the space with your family. Colors also help set the tone for the space. Bright and colorful rugs are inviting and inspire happy, playful feelings and darker rugs bring a more moody, calm vibe.

TIP: Rugs are also a great way to cover up flooring that you don’t have the budget to renovate just yet. 

Adds Style and Texture:

Choose a rug you love! You will need to decide early on in your room design if your rug is going to be a focal point or if it’s “job” is to enhance the pieces on/around it. There is no wrong answer here! 

Look at the furniture and decor pieces you have already chosen and evaluate what is “missing”. For example, if your room has several small prints, to avoid looking busy, consider a more muted or solid colored rug. If your room is all one texture, think about a jut rug or something with tassels!

Here are a few examples of how we style rugs in our living room:

  1. Mallory’s Living Room Reveal
  2. Park Home Reno: Living Room Makeover

Living Room Rug Size

Take inventory of your living room and decide how you want your rug to lay under the furniture. In the examples below, you can see that the rug is fitted to the room, and not necessarily the the furniture. This is because living rooms tend to be more open and a small rug can make the room feel smaller than it usually is.

Typically, the best size for a living room rug is an 8×10 or 9×12 but you always want to measure before you order!

Rug Size for Bedroom

In the bedroom, you have a few more options for finding the perfect size rug. Take a look at the examples below to see what look you are trying to achieve in the space.

Protect the Flooring:

We all have areas of our home that are high traffic. We also have large families and both of these combined means that rugs don’t always last as long as they should! For this reason, we don’t typically invest or spend a lot of money on rugs. We have pets and large families and switch rugs out often so we don’t splurge here. 

If you’re like us and love to switch up your space, we recommend finding rugs that are relatively inexpensive. Rugs are a very simple way to change the look and feel of a space.

Our favorite places to buy rugs!

1. Boutique Rugs (use code CLASSY55 for 55% off your purchase!)
2. RugsUSA
3. IKEA 
4. Wayfair


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