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When plans change Moving Homes

When plans change Moving Homes

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine texted me about a fixer upper potential dream home she’d had her eye on for several months. Her and her husband (who happen to be my realtors when I moved to Prescott) decided to put an offer on their dream fixer upper. This wasn’t new info for me as we’d discussed the idea and even went to look at the house a couple times. You know how if you love something let it go and if it comes back, it’s meant to be. That was kind of her situation with this house. 

Now where do I come in…? Well this friend of mine currently lives in a home that happens to be my dream fixer upper. Now, I use the term fixer upper very loosely because her house is beautiful but still unfinished. I always joked with them that if they ever sold their house, I get first dibs. Turns out, they took me semi-seriously and asked if I was interested as soon as they knew they were probably moving. I was in. I knew my biggest hurdle would be convincing my husband so I got to work. LOL! Much to my surprise, he needed like zero convincing. He was on board. That’s how great their house is. Hello basement hangout, more bedrooms and huge beautiful backyard!

So, I’m moving. Insert all the feels right here. I’m selling our house that I’ve been pouring my heart (and all my dollars!) into over the last year (literally closed June 16, 2016!) but luckily the market has improved and I’ve renovated pretty much every square inch of the home so we’re able to list it a bit higher to make it a decent investment for our family.

I literally prayed and prayed that if this was the right thing for our family that it would work itself out without to much stress, anxiety or hiccups! So far, so good. The house hasn’t even been on the market for 24 hours yet and we’re working on our 4th showing with several interested buyers already. It’s very reassuring that my hard work has paid off and this chapter, albeit – very short chapter, of our lives is coming to an end and a new home and new projects are waiting for me! I can’t wait were moving homes.

If you need a realtor in the Phoenix area or Prescott/Yavapai area, contact Ryan at thegoodlifeteamaz@gmail.com or (928) 533-6881.

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