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Boys Room Idea- Adventure Room

This post is sponsored by Behr Paint. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Coming up with ideas little boy’s room can be a bit tricky! Especially if you little boy is too old for a nursery but is still a bit too young for pre-teen and teenager room. When they are still young, I like to either come up with a cool theme for the room and/or come up with a unique color palette.

Paint makes all the difference & upcoming Behr Color Clinic

Paint is by far the best way to transform a space. We are so excited to be partnered with Behr Paint and talking more about the Behr Color Clinic on this project. We love Behr and we have used their paint on so many different projects. Like my hallway, the exterior of my house, my painted playhouse, my master bedroom accent wall and so many more! I am excited to go into the detail of this room but before I do, mark your calendars for May 17, 2019 at 9am PST because we will chatting with you LIVE in the upcoming Color Clinic on the Behr Facebook Page where we will chat with you and answer any questions you may have about painting!


Before I go into the game plan for this room, I wanted to show you the before pictures. This room was in major need of a makeover. Everything was old and dated and it just did not have much of a personality to it. When we moved in all the doors and baseboards and accents were brown wood and the walls were a pinkish tan color. Paint makes all the difference in world and so I knew that with paint alone we could transform this space into something fun that my son would love.

Color Palette

I asked my little guy his favorite colors right now and he said green and blue and so I knew I wanted to use those colors in his room. I have been loving all the dark green walls right now and our favorite Navy which is Starless night in Behr Premium Plus Ultra® Interior Paint. . That is one of our favorite paint colors that we use all the time. We also have our favorite white for the doors and baseboards so this is the color palette I chose for this room.

  • Black Evergreen– I love this deep green color. I wanted the room to feel more moody and I think the green is a perfect color choice for an Adventure room.
  • Carbon– I love the richness of this black color. This is another one of our go-to paint colors. I have used it everywhere in my house. It is also the black that I used on the exterior of my house which you can see HERE.
  • Starless Night– Our go-to favorite deep navy. Both Mallory and I have used this color throughout our homes. You can see my hallway with this paint HERE. I have a sofa in this room that is a close match to our favorite navy blue by Behr.
  • Flint Grey– I love the tone of this medium grey. I have bedding in this room that has this exact grey in it.
  • Ultra Pure White® PPU18-06- This is our go-to white. We’ve used this throughout our homes and in several other projects we’ve done. You can see my most recent project where I used this paint HERE. I used this white in the BEHR Premium Plus® Interior Paint for the doors and trim in this room and I also used it for the accent wall.

Adventure Theme

After we figured out what colors we wanted to use in the room, I asked my son what kinds of things he loves to do. His first response was “Go to Disneyland!” followed by “going camping”. I wanted his room to reflect what he likes right now. With our kids, we like to ask them what their favorite color is and also what they are interested in, at their age and we design the space around those things. The best thing about paint is that it can easily be changed and updated later on if he changes his mind or outgrows the theme we chose. Whenever we do a themed space, we usually do artwork that captures that theme which is another easy switch when the space needs a refresh.

Wall Paint and Accent Wall

The paint color I went with for his whole room is the Black Evergreen in the BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Paint. I did a Matte finish because I wanted more of a moody vibe and feel and I did not want any sheen to it. If you are unsure what sheen you should use in your space you can check out Behr’s sheen guide. I started by cutting in around all the doors, trim and windows and finished the walls in Black Evergreen. I did 2 coats for perfect coverage.

Besides the dark green walls in his room I also wanted to do a cool accent wall to add some personality and creativity.

When it comes to an accent wall you can do so many different things and really get creative here! You can do a painted accent wall color, a wood design, wallpaper etc. For this room, I did a painted accent wall with a patter, similar to my playroom brush stroke wall which you can see HERE. I love doing a brush stroke painted wall because it is really quick, easy, inexpensive and and it makes a BIG impact.

Accent Wall Instructions

When I am trying to figure out an accent wall pattern I like to do a mock-up design in photoshop so that I can make sure I like the pattern before I do it on the wall. I did a quick mock up and I loved the different shapes and sizes of each design. After a little bit of planning, I just decided to go for it! The best thing about doing a wall like this is that it does not have to be perfect; it can be freehanded which adds to the whimsy of it.

Using a 1 inch brush and a very little amount of the Ultra Pure White in the Premium Plus, I just started to paint the design on the wall. It is very easy. Although the pattern is different, the method is the same as my playroom accent wall and I have a video tutorial for that HERE.

Using a 1 inch brush and a very little amount of the Ultra Pure White in the BEHR Premium Plus Paint, I just started to paint the design on the wall. It is very easy. Although the pattern is different, the method is the same as my playroom accent wall and I have a video tutorial for that HERE.

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The power of paint

Paint changed everything about this space and I love how it turned out. Most importantly, my little guy LOVES it!

This room is now a space that reflects his personality and everything he loves right now. I will share all the sources of this room soon but I just couldn’t wait to share this room with all of you and share how paint really can transform a space.

Don’t forget about the Behr Color Clinic on May 17, 2019 at 9am PST and we look forward to chatting with you guys there!

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  1. that is amazing! First you had a big big room…lucky boy! Second that is wonderful and will take him thru many years….

    1. The paint colors were just the colors that I wanted to use in the room and there is a medium grey in the bedding.

  2. What a great transformation! Very striking!!

    May I ask two beginner painting questions? First, what tool do you use for cutting in around the edges and windows?? ie. a 2″, 3″, 4″ brush or an edging tool??

    Secondly, do you edge the entire room and then roll OR do you edge one wall at a time and then roll OR do you edge one area at a time and roll that area?? Third, do you wrap up your brush and/or roll tray while you are rolling or edging???

    Thanks for sharing:)

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