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DIY Nursery String Art

DIY Nursery String Art

Good morning, everyone… it’s Charlotte from Ciburbanity! I’ve missed you! Two weeks ago, we moved into a “forever” house around the corner which means a lot of things, but… right now, it means I can actually start putting together our new nursery! Believe it or not, this will be the first nursery I’ve ever *really* designed. The first three kids were born in New York City and we were renting, and then sweet Louisa was moved into the brand new guest room… so technically a newly designed space, but not for a baby.

Nursery String Art

Hopefully I’ll get the space ready in time, but today I at least have a fun piece of artwork for the room to share with you! Have you ever dabbled in string art? I love it… if you google it, you’ll find examples of it everywhere and it’s such a fun textural way to bring in some dimension and color and whimsy to your space. Also? It’s cheap and easy… my favorite type of craft!

Materials? An old board, brad nails, and string/ yarn. That’s it! Start by prepping the board. I sanded mine down and actually opted to stain it a bit. You could stain or paint or just leave plain!

plain stained board

Decide what artwork you’d like to make. I’m loving hot air balloons for the nursery, so I looked around and came up with a simple outline that I thought could work. Really any basic outline or word or shape is perfect!

balloon outline

Trace your outline lightly onto the board or just use a print out as a guide. Hammer your braid nails evenly along the line. (If you used paper, pull it away from the nails after you’re done… it should rip right out!)

brad nails in board

I had a helper…

martha string art helper

Now comes the fun crafty part. Take your first color and begin wrapping it back and forth between the nails of the area you’re ‘coloring’ in.

beginning of string art

Obviously, the more you wrap… the brighter the color will be!! Repeat for each section of your image! This is a TV craft… perfect to do with a glass of wine or milk or coffee in front of some reality TV binge! I don’t follow any real pattern as you can see by this quick video I made… I try to wrap the yarn completely around the brad nails every so often to keep it from completely unravelling, but ultimately, just keep it tight and keep on moving!


The nursery isn’t finished so I can’t show you the completed space, but I think this will be such a fun detail for the baby! (Check back into my blog, Ciburbanity, in a few weeks to hopefully see the finished nursery!!)

string art finished

detail of nursery string art

example of wrapped string

string art complete

(Feel free to see the “Before” pictures of our new house here and here!)

Other kid worthy crafts that might come into the nursery?

I LOVE this felt quote I made for our old play room.

Felt Word Art

I’ve shared it with you before, but Goodnight Moon is engrained in my brain after 4 children.

stencil art

And finally, a graphic project like this (obviously it doesn’t have to be nautical) could be super cute with pastel colors and something as simple as a pacifier or a baby rattle.


Shop this project with text

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